Tuesday, November 4, 2014

At the Forefront Again With the Preferred Customer Program

by: Dioni Morales, Director of Stylists Services

As most of you know by now, less than two weeks ago we launched Vessel's Preferred Customer Program. We know that it potentially can make quite a BIG difference in your business, as the new Stylist Kit Program is already doing.

The Preferred Customer Program is a unique offering that once again sets Vessel apart from other direct sales companies.  Very few companies are offering anything like this. 

It has become more and more mainstream to be part of some sort of shopping club or frequent buyer program.  When the time for shopping comes, customers will very likely look at whatever club they belong to first. 

How does the Program work?

The Customer pays a $29.95 fee (renewed yearly), which entitles them to a 10% discount.  Please note that they have to sign up and have their application processed before they get any discount.  So if they're at a party, there would be no discount available then and there. 


The Customer spends $100 on a retail order and has the $29.95 fee waived.  They then get their 10% discount starting with their next order.

There is no autoship or other obligation to buy monthly, it's whenever they want to place an order for the next 12 months.

Who should you talk to about this program?

- People who use Vessel's jewelry with unscented beads and add their own fragrances and essential oils.  They are probably looking for beautiful and fashionable diffusers, and no one does that better than Vessel. We believe this is a great market. Even if they are not interested in becoming Stylists, they will most likely be interested in becoming Preferred Customers. They will very likely want to have multiple jewelry pieces and will buy unscented beads on a regular basis.

- Those who already are, or you think might become, repeat customers.  These would be people who you know absolutely love our jewelry and want to buy more for themselves and/or for others.

Do not feel that you have to offer this to everyone.  It is a great tool for you to use - for specific customers. Get to know your customers!

How does this affect your business as a Stylist?

- The 10% discount will come from the Stylist's 30% commission, so the Stylist will make 20% of the Preferred Customer sales.

- This is a great source of repeat sales from very independent customers because they are more likely to place their orders in their Preferred Customer accounts without needing your involvement.

- The best part.... the Stylist gets FULL PSV (Personal Sales Volume), as well as TSV (Team Sales Volume)!  This means rank advancement, with all the associated bonuses, is easier and faster.

How does a person sign up to be a Preferred Customer?

- A Stylist can offer this option at a home party or other function.  It will be an upsell for the Stylist  and the Hostess because you will encourage them to buy $100 retail so they can get the fee waived.  This represents a 30% discount on their purchase, considering the $29.95 savings on having the fee waived.

- The Preferred Customer Agreement is available on the Vessel website (www.vesselscentsofstyle.com), under the Sales Aids or Stylists (password required) tabs .

We truly believe that Vessel's Preferred Customer Program will help Stylists retain consistent customers - customers who might not re-order because they don't know how to, they lose the connection or it's too inconvenient. We think it will be especially interesting to customers who use their own fragrance or essential oils. This program will enhance sales for those Stylists who take advantage of it and start presenting this option to the appropriate customers.

Once again Vessel is at the forefront, putting at your disposal a program that will help you achieve success!

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