Monday, November 10, 2014

Our Pampered Pets

Daisy is wearing the Pet Paw Locket
with Red Heart ScentSpheres
They're our companions, our best friends, and part of our families. We carry them around, we stroll with them when we're out and about, and we take them with us on vacations. We give them presents for their birthdays, holidays and special occasions. We dress them up, pamper them, and show them off. Our pets are special and bring such joy into our lives.

A recent survey by the APPA (American Pet Products Association) revealed that 62% of US households own a pet, which equates to 73 million homes. The survey stated that we, as Americans, spend well over $50 billion a year on our pets. The survey also showed that more and more companies traditionally known for human products are branching out into pet products, including pet accessories.

Pet Bone Locket with Hot Pink ScentSpheres,
Bone Charm and Pink Tourmaline Charm

Vessel Pet Lockets are a fun, charming way to add a bit of bling to a pet collar. From the scruffiest of mutts to the perfectly pampered pooch, from that big ole tomcat to the pretty little kitty - every pup will feel (and smell!) like top dog and every kitten like a fat cat when wearing a Vessel Pet Locket.

Pet Paw Locket with Purple ScentSpheres,
Mouse Charm and Amethyst Charm 
Our Pet Bone and Pet Paw Lockets come with a specially designed swivel clasp to attach to any collar. Include ScentSpheres in any of our 32 colors, fragranced with one of our scents or use your own fragrance or
essential oils.

Don't forget gifts for your pets this holiday season. Show your pets love and affection with these chic collar accents.

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