Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Last Minute Holiday Sales

by Tracy Ralph, National Sales Director

In case you haven't noticed, it's the Holiday shopping season.  So how do you get holiday shoppers excited to buy from you?  Here are a few suggestions:

#1) Mystery Holiday Hostess Party!  Kick off the shopping season by having a Holiday Mystery Hostess Party at your home! Have plenty of holiday themed products available for them to see and touch, along with a lot of holiday gift ideas, and make sure you set them up in a festive holiday display to get your guests into the holiday spirit.  Play holiday music in the background and serve holiday-themed refreshments. 

Your invitations should state, "This is a Holiday Mystery Hostess Party! Everyone who attends gets one entry.  For each guest you bring, you earn another entry! For every $20 you spend, you get another entry.  And for every party you book at this party, you get THREE entries! At the end of the party we will draw a name...the winner then becomes the Party Hostess! The Party Hostess earns all of the FREE hostess gifts & credits for this party!"  This is a great way to gear them up for the Holiday season, and a great way for you to get sales & party bookings!!! 

#2) Hire some Santa Sales Helpers!  Give your friends and family members some of your business cards and a party packet.  Have them gather orders for you from their circle of friends, co-workers and family.  (You can put these items in a "Christmas" basket, along with a Party Pack.)   This approach works well for those who don't want to host a party.  Then reward them with a FREE  helper gift and a hostess benefit shopping spree as a thank you for helping you out! 

#3) Hold an open house party for charity! 'Tis the season for giving!  Invite your guests and tell them the profits or proceeds from this party will be donated to a charity of your choice.  This is great to do year after year.  Many people donate to charity during the holiday season, but this way they get something in exchange for their donation!

#4) Contact ALL past party hostesses and customers.  Suggest that past hostesses hold a party now.  Make sure you tell them to SAVE their hard earned money and earn their GIFTS for free with a party!  Offer customers gifts with our holiday set discounts.  A lot of people are tired of fighting the mall crowds! 

#5) Contact all the Senior Citizens or shut-ins in your town/city.  It's hard for seniors to GET OUT and do holiday shopping. Offer them your personalized service! Show them your catalogs.  You can even offer gift wrapping service to them. A lot of seniors get depressed at this time of year because they are not able to get out like they want to, so they can be GREAT sources of extra business for you. You are offering a GREAT service for them, and they appreciate the companionship too! 

# 6) Offer gift wrapping and shipping services to your customers for a FEE. Men really like this service.  Try going to "male" service stores, such as tire, body shops, mechanics, etc.  (WE all know they save their Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve...they will appreciate your shopping service!)

#7) Make it a mission to leave your contact info & business info with everyone you come in contact with this holiday season. Maybe they don't need your services right now, but when they do, they will know who to contact! 

#8) Holiday-Themed Home Parties!  Offer a themed party to your holiday hostesses. One that I love is the Secret Santa Party. Invite all of your girlfriends to your Secret Santa Party.  Hold your party as usual, but tell your guests they are NOT buying for themselves! Have them all write their names down and then each guest draws a name.  They then have to buy something from your party for the guest whose name they had drawn.  Set a limit for the gift at an economical price point.  Of course they can also decide to purchase for themselves too! When the delivery comes in, wrap the gifts and label them .... from their secret Santa ... but include with the gift the name of the person who was their secret Santa.  Invite all your guests back for a cookie exchange or a little party, and hand out the gifts! When the guest opens their gift they will see who their secret Santa was and they get to keep the gift. 

These are but a few ways to make this Holiday shopping season fun and profitable! Be creative.  Don't offer the same old thing as every one else. Do your own FUN and creative parties! 

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