Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vessel Business Cards

You can quickly and easily get Vessel business cards, for a great price of $23 for 250 cards.  All you have to do is send a request to: info@vesselscentsofstyle.com, along with any specific information that you want to have on the card.  Normally, we will put your Stylist ID number, your phone number and your email address.  If you want to use a different phone number and/or email address, or include other information such as a quote, your street address, etc., just include that in your email request. 

When we receive your email request, we will send you a PayPal invoice for $23 per set, which does include shipping.  Once that invoice is paid and the proof we send to you is approved, we will get your cards ordered.  The cards will come directly to you from Vistaprint.  Delivery time from the time of order is 7 to 14 days.  Shorter delivery times are available for an additional charge, so if you're interested in that, just let us know and we'll get the additional charge amount for you. 

The benefit of going through us to get your cards is that we get a discount on the normal price you could get individually from Vistaprint (though they do run individual specials from time to time that we can't match), and it will help us maintain continuity and quality standards. 

Here is how the official Vessel business cards look:
In the event that you want to do your own business cards, please be aware that you MUST use the Vessel Independent Stylist logo on your cards.  You can download this logo from the Vessel website, under the "Sales Aids" tab. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School, Back to your Vessel Business!

by: Dioni Marie Morales, National Sales Manager
It's the middle of August already!  It’s almost the end of summer, and kids are going back to school.  For many of us, this is a time when we are taking back our time, especially for our business.  My three and a half year-old twins are heading to pre-school in three weeks, and I am already planning all the productive things I can do with that extra four hours a day, four times a week.  I am beyond ecstatic. (Of course, I am excited about what they will learn as well, it's not all about me.)  So in a way, it feels like the beginning of a new year as I set new goals.

In the words of one of my favorites, Dani Johnson, Direct Selling Business guru and motivational speaker: 

"There will be distractions – everything from the people around you to your work to your own feelings – but you must keep going! You must persist!

“So keep your eyes on the prize! Keep your vision right in front of you to remind you of where you’re headed. 

“Take continuous action towards your goals. What action can you take today that will get you closer to where you want to be tomorrow? GO DO IT!"

We understand that because of summer and all that it entails - kids at home, vacations, etc. - you were probably not as successful at booking parties or getting people to commit to starting their new business.  We want to help you get back on track with your goal of growing your own business and achieving all your dreams.  To help you do that, we are inviting you to our first Conference Call. We will send you more details shortly, but for now, please save the date on your calendars: Wednesday, September 4th, at 7:00 pm MST.  We will be announcing a new promotion!

Please remember that you can always contact me about having a one-on-one training session on the compensation plan, getting ideas on how to talk to people and present the business, etc. I am here to help you.  

Have a great and wonderful rest of the week.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vessel Launch

On June 22 we celebrated our official Vessel launch. Our event was held at the beautiful La Caille restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah. Together with our first ever Vessel Advisory Council, family and friends we enjoyed a richly rewarding training meeting and celebratory dinner. A huge thanks to all of our supporters for helping us achieve this monumental event!

We're excited to be working with our Vessel Advisory Council.

How fun to watch them all sign the official Vessel Stylist Agreement together!

Congratulations to Sarah Dees - First Vessel Stylist!
Congratulations to Chelsea Sargent - Highest Party Sales!
Congratulations to Jeanette Morales - Most Recruits & Silver Stylist!

Congratulations to Lidi Morales - Senior Stylist!

As a special offer to all who want to join our Vessel family, we've extended the opportunity to purchase the Pre-Launch Stylist Kit until August 31, 2013. This Kit is an exceptional value at $199 ($1000 value). After that date new Stylists will have two Kits to choose from: the Business Basic Kit for $179 ($500 value) and the Business Builder Kit for $379 ($1000 value).  

We look forward to seeing you all at our next event!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Take Charge of your time!

by: Dioni Marie Morales, National Sales Manager
I was talking to a friend recently about time management. I was telling her that when I know I have a busy day ahead, I take the time to make myself a "to do" list.  I am diligent about checking off every task completed.  Many times I am surprised to find that what I thought was going to take all day to complete only takes half of my time. On the other hand, when I don't have a very busy day and I don't feel a need to write down the three things I had to do, 6 pm sneaks up on me and I haven't done one single thing. Does that happen to you as well? Why is it that on the days that we think we have more time available we just don't spend it wisely?

I just read a quote from best-selling author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn that says: "Either you run the day, or the day runs you."

That's it - it's really not that complicated. If we don't plan our days and prioritize our tasks, we accomplish very little.  Time just flies by. I know that we all have many things in our lives and on our minds.  We might have other jobs, a spouse and children to take care of, a house to clean, meals to cook, laundry, etc. I know I do, so when I make my list of things to do, I include the usual things such as: clean the refrigerator, vacuum, workout, etc. However, on the same list I include everyone I need to call to talk about the Vessel business, everyone I need to email, etc.  I even have a daily task on my to-do list to read one article about Direct Selling a day so I can be better educated in my business. 

I can almost guarantee that if you create a daily "to do" list (I use my smart phone and do this the night before), you will find that you actually have more time on your hands because you are more organized. I invite you to try it for a week.  Include all of your daily duties, but also start adding your Vessel business-related tasks, such as contacting at least one person a day to present the Vessel opportunity, study the Vessel compensation plan, plan a Home Party, have a Home Party, etc.  After a week of doing so, you will not only notice you do have the time you need to run your Vessel business but you will notice how much closer you are to achieving your dream of being your own boss and having financial independence. 

Remember, your business will only grow if you take the time to grow it. There's another great quote I like: "Don't wait. The time will never be just right" (Napoleon Hill). Start today, even if it’s only an hour a day if that's all you can commit to.  But start moving toward your goals.  Even if it’s not as fast as you would like, at least you are moving in the right direction.  You will be closer and closer every day to reaching those goals.