Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hello Stylists:

What an amazing weekend we had... Vessel has officially launched! We had a wonderful event this past Saturday, and we will post pictures soon.

We made a few exciting announcements to the Stylists who were there, and we want to share them now with you:

1.   We have extended the Pre-Launch Stylist Kit price of $199 (plus shipping and tax where applicable), until July 31st, which is also the deadline for current Stylists to sign the Official Vessel Stylist Agreement (watch your email for a detailed message about this),

2.   We have announced the requirements to become part of the Founder's Club.  The Founder’s Club is an exclusive group of motivated Stylists, who will be part of a special bonus pool.  As noted below, the period to qualify is limited, and once the Founder’s Club is closed, it is closed forever.  So NOW is the time to work toward that goal!  The requirements are:

a.    Current Stylists: need to become Ruby Directors no later than December 31, 2014.

b.    New Stylists: need to sign up on or before June 30, 2014.  You would then have 18 months (from the first full month) to become a Ruby Director.

3.   We unveiled a beautiful new locket, the Sun Locket, and we are carrying it in three finishes: Rhodium, Gun Metal and Antique Gold. We also unveiled the Small Heart Locket in Antique Gold, as well as five new ScentSpheres colors: Yellow, Peach, Hot Pink, Lavender and Ruby.

4.   New Catalog: we are proud to introduce this beautiful marketing tool with information about the company, products and the Vessel business.

5.   We announced the 2013-2014 Vessel's Advisory Council.  All the Stylists who were at our Launch Event will be part of this Council, and we will depend on them for feedback and ideas.
All of us at Corporate are committed to our Stylists, and we understand that it is with you and for you that we are working hard to take Vessel to the top!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Start Dreaming Again!

by Dioni Morales, National Sales Manager

I read something on a friend's Facebook wall a couple of months ago that I would love to share with you: "If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs."

I love talking about dreams. I don't think we can talk about it enough. I remember being a teenager and dreaming about the great house I would live in, and the Porsche I would drive, and the places I would visit. Do you remember what you used to dream about? Think about it for a minute. Now think about what your dreams are today. If I ask you today what your dreams are, are they as grand as they were when you were younger and you thought you could do anything?

I ask people this question often, and I learn a lot about the person with the answers I get. Most people talk about just getting a decent car, an "ok" house, and maybe a trip to Disneyland with the kids. In general, I have concluded that most people don't dream anymore. And so I ask myself, when did we stop dreaming? Why did we stop dreaming? My personal theory is that it happened when we become what people like to call "realists." Yep, that's what happens.  “Reality" hits us, and gradually we find ourselves forgetting about our “wants” because all we can barely afford are our “needs.” We get a job and give all of our talents to the owner of a company who is absolutely taking care of all of his “wants.”

And so one more time I say to you, why not give all of your time and talent to being your own boss, and to building your own dreams?

I have one last suggestion for you as you start re-focusing on your dreams: make a Dream Board.  It can contain anything that you wish you had in your life, whether that is a big new home, a fancy car, a life of travel, a marriage … this is highly personal and is comprised of whatever you would wish for yourself.  Find pictures to represent each desire and create a collage.  The most important step: put this Dream Board where you will see it every day.  Let it become a regular part of your daily thinking. 

You will be surprised by the power of that daily reminder of what you want from life. 

Here at Vessel we can help you be your own boss and realize your own dreams. So, by all means, start dreaming again! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What To See and Do in Salt Lake June 21-23

For those of you who are traveling to our upcoming Launch Event, we hope you scheduled a little bit of free time to spend in our lovely capital city.  And we hope the weather cooperates for you to do so!  We wanted to share a few things that are going on that weekend, places to see, etc. 

First, it is incredibly easy to get around downtown Salt Lake City.  It's a relatively small city, so it's very walkable.  In addition, our light rail system, TRAX, offers free service within the downtown area.  There is a TRAX station just a half block north of our hotel.  As long as you stay within the downtown area, there is no charge.

Probably the site that is most iconic to SLC is the LDS Temple on South Temple between Main Street and West Temple (and there is a TRAX station very close as well).  Only people who are members of the Church in good standing may enter the Temple.  However, there is a beautiful Visitor's Center, and gorgeous grounds, and is well worth a visit.

That weekend also happens to be when our annual Utah Arts Festival will be held.  This is a fun event, offering work by various artists, food and music.  It is located at Library Square, which is one block east and one block north of the hotel.  You can find additional information at

There are two major shopping areas in the downtown area: The Gateway (north and west of the hotel), and the new City Creek Center (north of the hotel). 

6There are many art galleries in the downtown area, as well as numerous museums, including the Family History Museum (with the world's largest genealogical database), the Leonardo, the Beehive House, and Clark Planetarium.  A short walk away is the beautiful Cathedral of the Madeleine.

For more information on Salt Lake City, go to

June is typically one of the lowest precipitation months, so we'll be holding good thoughts that you will enjoy our beautiful city in sunshine! 

We can't wait to meet you all!