Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother, mom, ma, mama, mommy - whatever she answers to, she is special, she is unique and she is loved. Although we should show our love and affection year round, Mother's Day is a singular occasion to really indulge mom.

Here are some interesting Mother's Day facts:
  • In the United States, there are about 82.5 million mothers
  • About 96% of American consumers take part in some way in Mother's Day
  • Mother's Day is the second highest gift-giving holiday in the United States
  • The average amount American consumers will spend on mom for Mother's Day is $168.94
  • The amount of money spent on cards for Mother's Day is $671 million
  • The amount of money spent on flowers for Mother's Day is $1.9 billion
  • The amount of money spent on jewelry for Mother's Day is $3 billion

Vessel wants to help you honor and indulge your mom. Through Mother's Day we are offering a free Birthstone with every $25 purchased, and free shipping on orders $75 or more. And please be sure to shop with us for our Fabulous Friday Mother's Day Sale. On Friday, May 1 every Vessel product is discounted 10%.

Contact your Vessel Stylist, or visit our online store to choose a gift of Vessel scented jewelry that is just as special and unique as mom, and that mom will love.

To the moms, and all the great women in our lives, we say thank you and we love you!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Don't Block Your Big Vision!

by Dioni Morales, Director of Stylist Services

In the spirit of continuing the topic of Vision that I talked about on my last blog three weeks ago (in which I mentioned what vision is, how to have a clear vision, and what that will mean for our future), today I will touch on three reasons we may be blocked from having clear vision:

1. Limiting Beliefs: This is your truth versus the real truth.
  • Failure to Launch: Most times our beliefs are so limited that it won't allow us to even give it a try.
  • 90% of the time it is your limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • The voice of others often reinforces our limiting beliefs.  We put too much emphasis on what others say and/or think.
  • We need to identify our limiting beliefs so that they lose their power. Sit down today and write at least three limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Learn to remove them.
2. Identify your Why's: "No one can drive looking in the rearview mirror." Your "why's"  are what will push you forward.
  • It's what you care most deeply about.
  • Don't limit yourself by what you think is possible.
  • Focus on where you want to go.
  • Must be bigger than yourself.
  • Will compel you to take on challenges that will stretch you as much as they inspire you.
  • When you are powered by a clear vision, there is little you cannot do.
3. Lack of Focus: When you focus on what you want, everything else falls away. When you are focused on too many things at the same time, it's like your brain has too many tabs open.  
  • Lack of focus is a symptom of your limiting beliefs and unclear "why's".
  • Like versus needs - learn how to differentiate.
  • Distractions and diversions - there is no time for these at the moment.
  • Waste of time and energy - you need to learn where to put your time and energy.
  • Moving towards consistent activities - when you are focused you know what to do and when to do it.
Take the time today to write down three of the things that you feel that you're focusing on daily.  This will help you see what needs to change. When your focus is clear it will improve your influence, and impact your team and your income.

This time I'm asking you to do some homework, because it will help you to define your Vision. It will help you eliminate anything that might be making your Vision blurry.  After all, everyone wants to follow someone who knows exactly where they are going. So be a leader.  Do your homework. Define your Vision, and where you want your Vessel business to take you in your life.

And then help those on your team do the same.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Time of Renewal

I have a confession to make ... Spring is the only season I truly love.  I detest Winter, and can only tolerate it because humans need water.  Summer is too hot.  Autumn is actually awesome, and its only downfall is that it leads right into Winter. 

But Spring ... well in the words of Mark Twain: "It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!"  Spring is a time of rebirth, rejuvenation and renewal.

Let Spring be a time of renewal for your Vessel business!  Clear out the cobwebs and have a strong Spring season by taking advantage of Vessel's tools and support:

  • SPRING SPECIALS - We have created a number of specials for the Spring season, including Customer specials, Recruiting and Hosting incentives, and ways to go to the Vessel Convention for FREE ... all designed help you take your Vessel business to the next level. 

  • FOUNDERS CLUB -  The "official" close of the Vessel Founders Club was on December 31, 2014, and judging by the recruiting that happened that month, it surely was an effective recruiting tool!  But don't forget ... it is STILL possible for new Stylists (AND current Stylists!) to become members of the Founders Club. So don't forget to keep using this tool!  EVERYONE, including current Stylists, can become a Founders Club member simply by achieving the rank of Ruby Director by June 30, 2016

  • POWER OF THE PARTY - If I could recommend only one tool that will take your business to the next level, it would have to be the Power of the Party system.  All the tools you need to implement this system can be found on the Stylist tab on the Vessel website, including a party video and party scripts.  This system will give you the methodology of generating both future parties AND new recruits from any party.  If you are one who has gone through your personal contacts and are wondering, "Okay, now what?" - this system is for you.  Use the Spring Specials to get some parties going, implement the Power of the Party system, and watch your calendar fill up!  And don't worry if it doesn't feel natural or easy at first.  Put your own personality into it, but make sure you hit the basics.  Most of all, just KEEP doing it until it DOES feel natural.  It will.
  • UPCOMING SELLING OPPORTUNITIES  - Ok, this isn't something brought to you by Vessel.  But did you notice that Mother's Day and Graduation Days are coming up?  Both are perfect opportunities to show off the uniqueness of Vessel as a gift.  Not to mention all the other special occasions in your Customers' lives.

  • TRAINING AND COACHING - If you feel like you don't know how to get your business moving, we can help!  Take advantage of our regular training calls (every Wednesday at 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 7 pm Central and 8 pm Eastern) to get tips and help.  You can also receive one-on-one coaching sessions from our National Sales Director, Tracy Ralph.  Email Tracy at tracy@vesselscentsofstyle.com to ask how you can get on her schedule.

  • DON'T FORGET RECRUITING Spring is also a great time to focus on sponsoring.  People are looking for something new, or they're making plans for a summer vacation and want some way to fund it, or they just want some extra money for summer fun.  The best tool you have is your ability and willingness to build relationships.  When you focus on building relationships and helping potential recruits reach their goals, your business will flourish.  You've probably heard the saying that in order to achieve your dreams, you have to help other people achieve theirs.  Recent statistics show that 70% of customers try a new product due to some element of human interaction.  So building authentic relationships is critical to your success in direct sales.  Remember, it's not the business opportunity or even Vessel's wonderfully unique products that matters most.  It's how you treat people that determines whether they join your team or buy from you. 

Spring is all about beginnings. Whether you've just joined Vessel, or you need a "new" beginning, this is the season!  "Don’t wait for something big to occur. Start where you are, with what you have, and that will always lead you into something greater." (Mary Manin Morrissey)

To Your Success!


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Specials

Spring has sprung and we're sharing some super 
Spring Specials with our Vessel Customers. 

Spring and Mother's Day Specials: Through May 10
  • FREE Birthstone with every $25 purchase
  • FREE Shipping on all orders $75 or more

Host Incentives: April and May

  • In addition to Vessel's regular Host Rewards, Hosts with a Qualifying Party of at least $250 receive a FREE Boy & Girl Charm OR Flower & Cross Charm
  • PLUS: Double free and half price Host Rewards for just $20 with a $250 Qualifying Party

Sign Up Incentive: April and May
  • All new Stylists receive a FREE Ribbon Necklace Set included with $99 Stylist Kit
  • New Stylists who become "Qualified" with $300 PSV within their first 15 days are eligible for the Power Start bonus: FREE logo item, $30 retail product credit and $25 Convention Cash
Be sure to include Vessel Scented Jewelry into your Spring style!!