Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The More you Learn, The More You Earn

by Tracy Ralph, National Sales Director

If you really want to get ahead in this business, then you need to be a sponge! You need to be learning all the time.

When I say learning, I mean actively, consciously learning and putting what you have learned into ACTION.

Here are some things to consider in your quest for learning opportunities:
Things you are doing in the business might just need a tweak
Some things will work for you, some won’t, but you don’t know until you try!  Often things that didn’t work for you in the beginning will later, with a tweak.  And if it worked for someone else, then we know it can work – it might just need to be modified for your personality.

Learning is EVERYWHERE
Did you know that a lot of educational opportunities are already offered by Vessel Scents of Style?  Are you taking advantage of  the training calls Vessel offers every Wednesday night?  Have you reached out for personal one-on-one coaching/training calls?   Have you watched and truly studied the Party Presentation on the Vessel website?  We offer several options to help you succeed in this business.
Some of you will need to go out and find educational materials (online workshops, reading books, subscribing to blogs and forums, reading articles etc.).  Some of these materials will be free, some won’t.  But if you look around at the successful people in Vessel and in your life, you will see they invest both time and money in their own education.
Some of your learning opportunities will be informal, and possibly from surprising sources – a new consultant has a fantastic idea or suggestion you haven’t thought of, you get a great idea right before you drift off to sleep, your favorite TV program has something in the storyline that makes a difference to you, a friend or stylist posts an inspirational video on FaceBook, – and the list goes on and on.
Don’t miss the "Aha Moments"
If you are anything like me, an "aha moment" can pass by and be very quickly forgotten.  Why not create a system for capturing these ideas?  I have a notebook (actually, I have filled several now!), and any good idea I hear, read about or think of goes in there. 
Every now and then, I sit down and go through my notebook of ideas.  I am always amazed at the great thoughts and ideas I have had in the past that I have forgotten about, or not acted upon.   There are also ideas in there that at the time I wasn’t ready for, or couldn’t implement at the time.  Going through the notes again means that I get refreshed and can continually be moving onward and upwards. It also gets me excited all over again!

The point is that by being constantly on the lookout for learning opportunities, we keep our WHY and our Goals in front of us.  This business is like any other business ... there is a learning curve.  But once we have started the learning process, our whole business changes and takes off in a direction for success.
Remember ... the more you learn, the more you earn!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Introducing .... Vessel's Fall/Winter New Products!

Check out Vessel's new products, available now!

We are especially excited to bring out some products and fragrances for men.  Our guys have been asking for something for awhile now.  The men in your life will love the thicker braided GENUINE LEATHER necklace, especially with the Arrowhead Locket.  And how about the GENUINE LEATHER bracelet with the Geometric Locket?  Ladies, you can get the Floral for a more feminine look.  And note the NEW ScentSphere shapes, uniquely designed for the Bracelet Lockets. 
The Cross Locket is also something that's been on the wish list for awhile, from quite a few people. 
And the Scarf Slide (which is a 3 piece set) is something that Karen's wanted to do since we first started on the Vessel path.  We finally have it! 
Now you can think of Vessel for ALL the people on your Christmas list!  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2015 Vessel Convention

Last week we held our first Annual Convention in Salt Lake City.  Our theme was "Ready, Set, Grow!"  Though intimate in size, our gathering was HUGE in terms of ideas, fun, camaraderie, networking, training, recognition and more fun!  Stylists came from as far away as southern Florida.  We may have been strangers when Convention started, but I think it's fair to say that we all formed some truly great friendships.  We started with a "get to know you" lunch on Friday.

Convention participants were greeted in Friday's meeting with a goody bag, and a pair of gardening gloves ... to help everyone get "Ready." 

The highlight of the day was definitely Tracy Ralph's mock party.  If you haven't seen this in person, you really must make a plan to attend next year's Convention (details to be announced).  Tracy demonstrated to Stylists that, done properly, a party will yield not only sales, but also future bookings and recruits.  We call this the Power of the Party.  Live parties are the fuel your Vessel business needs in order to grow and thrive.
We also had plenty of raffle prize drawings, and those who could answer some of Dioni Morales' Compensation Plan questions also got prizes - everything from purple notepads to Vessel jewelry sets - INCLUDING the new products. 
Excitement was in the air the following morning, for everyone had a suspicion that there MIGHT be something new under those purple cloths ...

And sure enough, there WERE a few new additions to the Vessel line. 

Because the attendees at Convention were there, they were able to purchase new products before the official launch, which will be in the couple of weeks.  So ... be sure to watch this space, or Facebook, or your email for the official announcement of new products.  The Stylists at Convention were wowed, and we think you will be as well! 

Participants found a garden spade at their places on Saturday morning, to help them get "Set."  In addition to the MANY raffle prizes, on-time drawings and Compensation Plan Questions prizes, Tracy went into detail about the facets of the home party.  She provided great information on what to say to get bookings, what to say to get new recruits, and how to properly coach your hosts to ensure great parties.   
After lunch, we had MORE prize drawings (there were lots of prizes ... did you pick up on that?).  Participants also found a garden pot with soil and seeds, a symbol of being ready to "Grow!"  She also had some very welcome information on avoiding postponements and cancellations, overcoming objections (who doesn't need help with that?), how to properly use Facebook as a tool, and inviting customers to become hosts. 
We also announced some awesome fall promotions, including our new Fast Start program that rewards new Stylists for having a strong start with their Vessel business:
Check the Facebook page for additional promotions coming up this Fall! 
We also announced a new Leadership Conference, open to everyone who reaches the Gold Stylist rank by March 2016.  Watch for additional details coming soon. 
After an information-packed couple of days, we all got together for a photo:
From L-R, back row: Founder Karen Carter, Amberlyn Prior, Jolene Abegglen, Shirley Meyers, Joyce Darr, Founder Susan Harward, Judy Morgan, Tracy Ralph, Dioni Morales
Front row: Milagros (Millie) Arroyo, Sarah Dees, Tara Gitt, Beverly Kimkowski

Later that night we had a fabulous dinner, with entertainment by Madilyn Paige.  Madilyn is a very talented and beautiful young singer who was recently on the television show "The Voice" and made it to the top 20.  If you're not familiar with Madilyn's work, check it out so you can understand just how fortunate we were to see her perform. 

After dinner, we were pleased to honor some of our Stylists:
Sarah Dees, Vessel's first Stylist

Shirley Meyers, winner of the "Go Getter" award.

Tara Gitt, Sapphire Director, "Most Recruits 2015"

Beverly Kimkowski, "Highest Average Monthly Sales 2015"

Milagros (Millie) Arroyo, Sapphire Director

Tara Gitt, Sapphire Director

As you can see, we stuffed a lot of information, prizes, fun and exciting announcements into this Convention.  Convention is something you absolutely DON'T want to miss!  By attending Convention, you will be the first to hear about and take advantage of new products and fabulous promotions.  The networking and team spirit you will feel are worth every bit of effort you put in to be in attendance.  We hope to see YOU there next year!

To Your Success!