Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Marketing Vessel

In my last post, I talked about how Karen and I made the initial decision that home parties would be the best way to market Vessel.  Our line is an experience that is best shown in person.  Home parties are also a great way for you to get your own Vessel business off the ground.  Everyone has a list (some longer than others!) of friends, family, neighbors, etc. who would be happy to host a Vessel party.  Utilizing Tracy Ralph's party scripts, you can then fill your calendar up to whatever degree you'd like.  Combined with a low entry fee (as little as $99), you can easily build a business that fits your life and your goals.

However, we have also utilized other marketing methods in getting Vessel off the ground.
One method we did in the early days was to attend various trade shows.  We found these shows valuable in getting Vessel's name out there and for contacts.  Some shows were more successful than others relative to sales, but we considered them a success in gaining market recognition for our concept.  We know that many of you are doing trade and vendor events, and hopefully will feel that your efforts are rewarded as well.

Getting some local media coverage is a bit harder to do, but if you ever have the opportunity to do ... don't let it pass you by!  We appeared on a few of our local TV talk shows and received some good traction.

Another fairly low-cost marketing method we have used, and probably the one method that has brought the most traffic to us, is the use of advertising on targeted websites.  We looked for websites that marketed directly to working moms, people who are looking for a business opportunity, people who are interested in direct sales opportunities specifically, working women, etc.  We are still advertising on the sites that we feel have been most beneficial to Vessel.

What I wanted to pass along to you today is that many of these sites offer extremely low-cost opportunities for Stylists to advertise in their states.  Most of these opportunities are around $10 per year.  If you have another state that you visit often, you might even consider reserving that state as well.  Most of the sites I've seen will let the first representative of any given company to buy the advertising be the only one listed for that company for that state.  Some will allow more than one.

As Vessel becomes more well-known, people are going to be going to these sites and specifically looking in their state to see who represents Vessel.  Many times this will be someone who wants to have a Vessel party, sometimes it will be someone looking to sign up as a Stylist.  If they are looking for someone in your state, why not make sure it's your name they see?

Here are a few of the sites I've found in my research.  I would welcome any other sites that you have found.  Please send them to susan@vesselscentsofstyle.com, and I'll make sure they get shared with everyone!

  • Home Party Plan Network: Great site!  They have other sister sites as well, but you buy the advertising separately for each.  Right now they are having a sale on the state listings at $10 per year per state (normally $15).  
  • HPPN Sister Sites (there are others besides these, but the others allow only one company listing, and Vessel already has the spot):
  • Direct Sales Profiles: 1 year state listing for $15, lifetime listing for $25. 
  • Direct Sales Moms: 1 year listing in two states for $25, or a 1 year listing in the Mom Shoppes Directory for $15 per year. 
  • Party Plan Rep: 1 year state listing for $15, lifetime listing for $25. 
  • Party Plan Companies: $20 for six months.  (By the way, we are their Featured Spotlight today!)

To your success!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Power Hour

by Tracy Ralph, National Sales Director

Some of you have heard of the Power Hour, and are starting to use it.  This simple tool can kick start your business into high gear, and keep the momentum going.

To get the maximum benefit of the Power Hour system, you must allocate at least one hour a day to your  business. 

To make it more manageable, you can divide it into 15-minute increments.

Be consistent with this simple plan, Monday through Friday, and it will Change. Your.  Business.  WATCH IT HAPPEN!

Simple but CONSISTENT is the key!  Make it a habit.  A commitment of 60 minutes a day, five days a week will change your life!

Here is the basic composition of Power Hours:

  • 15 Minutes:  Customer Care Calls -                   

Your objective is to build a relationship with your customer for repeat business.  Reasons to call: Thank them for their order, let them know about a special going on.  

  • 15 Minutes:  Call Your Team OR Potential Recruits - 

Your objective is to follow-up with any existing potential leads and develop future leads  Who to call:  Anyone you have given information to.  Anyone you have met while out and listed in your notebook  Anyone you missed giving information to.

  • 15 Minutes:  Call Your Hostesses –       
Your objective is to build a bond with your Hostess.  Use this time to Hostess Coach, answer questions, plant seeds about the opportunity and keep her excited about her party. 

  • 15 Minutes: Call for Potential Bookings -

Your objective is to call people to book parties on your calendar.  Include those you met outside a party, referrals, and anyone else who would like FREE Vessel products!

Just a few of the benefits of committing to the Power Hour:

·         Power hours will help you achieve results faster than you ever thought possible.

·         Power hours will help you work less. In this case, less is more; you’ll work less, but achieve more.

·         Power hours will help re-energize you. Have you ever had that feeling after reaching a goal; the kind where you feel more focused, more alive, more motivated? That’s what power hours can do for you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bring On the Holiday Season

In the Unites States, a quarter of all personal spending takes place during the Christmas/Holiday shopping season. Close to $80 million will be spent preparing for the holidays, with well over $50 billion spent just from November 1st to December 16th.

Fragrance and jewelry are traditionally two of the most popular gifts.  In fact, of the countless options of possible gifts, fragrance is the fourth most popular purchase of the season, with almost half of the year’s fragrance sales occurring from October to December. Jewelry is the sixth most popular holiday purchase, with a third of the year’s jewelry sales occurring during this time frame.

Source: NPG Group, IDEX Online Research, JCK Online, Reuters 

Happy Holidays from Vessel

This Holiday Season, combine fragrance and jewelry into one beautiful gift with Vessel scented jewelry. From October through December receive a 15% DISCOUNT on each of these Locket and Chain sets. With six beautiful finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for all the women and girls on your list. Plus, when your order is $50 or more, you also receive FREE SHIPPING.

Antique Silver
Purse Locket and Elodie 30" Chain
Regular Price $50.00

Holiday Special $42.50               

Antique Gold
Large Heart Locket and Rebecca 30" Chain
Regular Price $45.00
Holiday Special $38.25

Rhodium Plated
Sun Locket and Ashlyn 30" Chain
Regular Price $43.00
Holiday Special $36.55

Antique Copper
Leaf Locket and Kristen 30" Chain
Regular Price $45.00
Holiday Special $38.25

Gold Tone
Diamond Locket and Alexa 30" Chain
Regular Price $60.00
Holiday Special $51.00

Gun Metal
Teardrop Locket and Laura 30" Chain
Regular Price $65.00
Holiday Special $55.20

To order Holiday Specials go to store.vesselscentsofstyle.com
Holiday Specials available only in these finishes as shown. Choose any of our 32 colors of ScentSpheres fragranced with one of our 12 pure perfume oils, or select fragrance-free to use with your personal fragrance/essential oils.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vessel's New Kit Program - A Whole Different Level!

by: Dioni Morales, Director of Stylist Services

It has been nearly three weeks since we made the exciting announcement regarding our new Stylist Kit Program.

We now offer a required Stylist Kit for $99 (plus $15 shipping/handling in the US), which contains all the materials you would need to get your Vessel business off to a great start.  You also have the choice of a Scented version or an Unscented version (which allows you to use ScentSpheres with your own perfume or oils).  The Stylist Kit includes sales aides, one locket, one chain and ScentSpheres.  The Stylist Kit carries a retail value of over $200!

In addition, we offer two Product Packages, which are completely optional.  These Product Packages offer a selection of Vessel jewelry at a great discount.  BUT the most exciting thing for new Stylists and those who recruit them is that these two packages come with full PSV AND full Team-Building Commissions!   This is a tremendous competitive advantage for Vessel, since very few companies offer this.  New Stylists have 30 days in which to purchase one of the Product Packages if desired; however, there will be no additional shipping charge if the Package is purchased at the same time as the Stylist Kit. 

Business Basic Product Package:  $100
  • 14 jewelry pieces, valued at over $200 Retail
  • Additional ScentSpheres
  • 100 PSV, full Team-Building Commissions

Business Builder Product Package:  $300
  • 39 jewelry pieces, valued at over $600 Retail
  • Even MORE ScentSpheres!
  • 300 PSV, full Team-Building Commissions

Sounds great, right? Well, let me tell you really how great all of this is, and how this can truly impact your business.

We just lowered significantly the minimum required price to sign up as a new Stylist to only $99, giving more people the opportunity to join Vessel and start earning commissions and building their Vessel business and their future.

Also by offering full Team-Building Commissions for the optional Product Packages, we have set Vessel apart from MOST jewelry direct selling companies that DO NOT offer commissions on their kits. This impacts your business significantly in more ways that one:

  • A new Stylist can immediately become an Active Stylist when getting the Business Builder    Product Package (300 PSV).

  • This volume (100 or 300) will help you, as their upline (even if you are not their sponsor), in your Team Sales Volume (TSV) which will not only earn you commissions (Levels and Fast Start) but also help you move up and/or maintain a rank. This is MAJOR!

Stylists, we hope you see and understand the real benefits of this and how we are making changes and additions to offer you the BEST opportunity in Direct Sales. When presenting the Vessel opportunity to others, make a big deal about this New Kit Program because IT IS A BIG DEAL!

If you have any questions regarding the new program, and/or how this affects the Compensation Plan, please do not hesitate to contact me at dioni@vesselscentsofstyle.com.