Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vessel's First Anniversary

This week Vessel celebrates our first anniversary. A year ago at this time we held our official launch event at the beautiful La Caille Restaurant and Event Center. On Friday, June 28, we will meet again in Salt Lake City with many of our Stylists to celebrate our growing, thriving business and look to our fabulous future. We look forward to meeting the Stylists that will be joining us, and hope to see all of you at future events.

Our Vessel story began when an inventive new product concept and a compelling business idea converged to create a unique social-selling company. We began this journey to establish a company that would provide beautiful scented jewelry and accessories, and exciting business opportunities for women and girls. The exhilarating journey continues with the goal that each Stylists who joins us thrives and flourishes.

The meaning of our name, Vessel, directly relates to our product – stylish jewelry infused with fine fragrance; to our people – exceptional women and girls infused with impressive attributes; and to our company – an opportunity infused with personally and financially rewarding potential.

From the beginning, we sensed that a collective group of women working together could accomplish great things for themselves, for their friends and families, and for their communities. Our five Vessel “scents” convey our guiding principles and a sense of place and purpose to the women and girls who are our Vessel Stylists, Hostesses, Customers and Employees.

Scents of Style
Vessel is a place where we each possess an individually unique and beautiful style. Whether we are bold or subtle, sassy or shy, assertive or easy-going, we each express ourselves and our personality through our choice of fragrance and jewelry. We accent our beauty as we design and live our lives with a style all our own.

Scents of Self
Vessel is a place where both our inner and outer beauty are accentuated. Each of us is valued and cherished. We build relationships with other women and girls in our lives: mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and family. We experience growth in our own lives as we enhance our talents, abilities and skills, and help others do the same.

Scents of Space
Vessel is a place where we each strive to improve the space around us. We create a beautiful, pleasing aura with the fragrances and jewelry we choose to wear. We open our homes to others for fun, social events where we share our exceptional products and expand our circle of influence. Our corporate and consultant work environment is friendly and welcoming to all who wish to join us.

Scents of Service
Vessel is a place where we contribute in meaningful ways to our society and those around us. We serve each other and support women and girl related causes and charities. We provide exceptional service to each other and to our customers as we treat each other with genuine care and consideration.

Scents of Success
Vessel is a place where we each experience the accomplishment of success. We set and reach goals and promote individual and group achievement. Our hard work and effort is recognized and rewarded. Leadership opportunities help each individual to realize success, both personally and financially.

As we strive to apply these guiding principles to our Vessel business and in our personal lives, we envision a bright, happy and prosperous future.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let's Make a Perfect Career!

by: Dioni Morales, Director of Stylist Services

As professionals of any industry will tell you, it is always good to stay up-to-date with books, videos and presentations that will help improve your business and career.  Currently I am studying a new book by Eric Worre.  I would like to share a very interesting concept from that book.

  After surveying thousands of people around the world and asking what a perfect career would be, he noted that most people tend to immediately talk about what they DON'T want. They begin naming things like:

- No bosses
- No alarm clock
- No commuting
- No discrimination
- No politics

After a bit, they start talking about the positive things, what they DO want:

- To represent a great product or service
- To get paid by their production 
        - Unlimited income        
        - Residual income
- To get along with those they work with
- Free time
- Personal growth
- Do something that has a purpose
- Low risk
- Fun
- Offers tax benefits
- Resistant to a bad economy

Let's look at the five different types of jobs (or ways to have an income) that most of us have known throughout our lifetimes:

1. Blue Collar - those who perform manual work, such as factory workers, wait staff, etc.

2. White Collar - Professionals, managers, etc., who are usually educated and work in an office. This type of work used to be the most socially acceptable because of its safety and stability.

3. Sales - Salespeople are typically rewarded based on the sales they make, rather than an hourly or set wage.  Many can do well in sales. 

4. Owner of a Traditional Business - Typically someone starting a new business will use up all their savings, borrow money from relatives, take big loans - maybe even against their mortgage. They work long hours.  At the end of the month, after paying everyone else, if they're lucky they will have something left over to pay themselves. Most people go bankrupt.  Some are lucky and make it, but still are left instead of owning a business, the business owning them. 

5. Investors - Investors need a lot of money, knowledge and ability to be successful.  Even then, it is very risky.  There are too many things that can go wrong, and which are out of their control.

  Any of these categories can provide you SOME of the traits you would desire in a career, but none can provide ALL of them. 

In the past decade, Direct Sales has been the only business model to check off most, if not all, of the items on the lists above. Many people realize that what used to work for most people a decade or two ago isn't necessarily the ideal.  Things have changed - and will keep changing.  It's time to look into what has been proven to be successful.

In Vessel, we can give you the opportunity to get that perfect career that absolutely EVERYONE dreams of!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Power of Positivity

I've been thinking today about positivity ... its power, why we lose it, what it can do for us, why it can be hard to remain positive at times.  I think we have all experienced a loss of positive feelings, for however brief a time.  I know I have.  I know there have been times I have wanted to quit, to vent, to stomp my feet and throw a fit.  Luckily, most of the time I manage to bring myself back from the edge before too long.  Something I have come to realize is that negativity breeds negativity; and a positive outlook multiplies exponentially. 

Don't we all know these two people? 

Danny Downer never has a good word to say about anything or anyone.  He will regale you with his latest woes all afternoon if you'll let him.  When you leave Danny, you feel a bit grumpy, put-upon and just plain old tired. 

On the other hand, Sunny Sally never met a person she didn't like, never goes anywhere without a smile on her face.  Somehow, Sally leaves you feeling like you can take on the world, like you matter.  She leaves you with a smile on your face. 

Yes, I know I'm being a bit simplistic.  But I'll bet if you think hard enough, there's a few people in your life that you can put in each category. And by the way, between Danny and Sally, who do you think will sign up more Stylists and book more parties?  Just sayin' ...

The thing about both positivity and negativity is that each attitude is highly contagious.  Not only does negativity affect one individual, it spreads to everyone that person interacts with.  Developing a positive focus is a habit that can be formed like any other.  Here are some suggestions to help shift the mindset from negative to positive.

  1. Shift Your Thoughts.  Be conscious of your thoughts, especially when things are not going your way.  As soon as you can see that you are going into a negative spiral, STOP!  Think about something completely unrelated.  This breaks the thought pattern, and helps you to gain control of how you think.
  2. Have an Attitude of Gratitude.  It has been said, and I think even proven, that you cannot be both angry and grateful at the same time.  There is abundance in your life ... see it. 
  3. What Makes You Smile?  We all have memories that bring a smile to our face whenever we think of them.  Think of them as needed. 
  4. What is the Lesson?  No matter the situation, there is a lesson to be learned.  In fact, I would argue that the worse the situation, the more powerful and necessary the lesson.  Understand and appreciate this gift.
  5. Use Positive Affirmations.  Many of us are tougher on ourselves than on anyone else.  So give yourself positive feedback and affirmations.  Practice seeing yourself as a positive and confident individual.   
  6. Put Criticism on a Diet.  See if you can stop, or at least cut down on criticizing other people and situations.  Shift from fault-finding to appreciation-giving.   
As with any habit, it takes practice and commitment.  Whether you are positive or negative, the situation does not change.  So we might as well be positive!
(Thanks to Tina Su)

To your success!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

13 Creative Ideas to Generate New Bookings

by Tracy Rodgers, National Sales Director

1. The telephone is your best friend. Use it! Make at least 5 calls per day for bookings and recruits. Do this faithfully to assure yourself a full date book.
2. A walk-in or open house. To acquaint neighbors and your community with your product, send invitations to friends, neighbors and acquaintances.  Put notices up in supermarkets, libraries, and other public places. Advertise that there will be refreshments and a chance to see your product.
3. Mystery Hostess Party. The Stylist has a party in her home and awards the hostess credits to the guests. The credits can be divided up or given in different ways. For instance, a name goes in for each $25 in purchases.
4. Trade shows, fairs, expos, events. Check on local activities and reserve well in advance. 

 5. Advertising. Newspapers and penny-savers often offer fairly low-cost advertising opportunities. 
6. Brochures. Distribute your catalog, with their permission, at the offices of dentists, vets, doctors, or anywhere you do business.
7. Business referrals. Work with other businesses (such as real estate offices, model homes, flower shops, etc.) to exchange advertising and verbal referrals.
8. Bridal registry/bridal showers. This is great for offering an idea for a unique and thoughtful bridesmaid gift, and also as a suggestion for people buying gifts for the bride.  
9. "Show on the Go" or "Booking in a Basket," which is great for office parties. Place several small items in a basket, and also make a larger one. When an order of $30 is placed, the customer can select a small gift. When all the gifts are gone, the Hostess gets to open the bigger gift.         I would suggest having ten gifts in total.  These can be fun things from the dollar store, candy bars, and other similar items, with a nicer gift for the Hostess.
10. Delivery Day Special. Offer the Hostess a special gift from you when she picks up a booking or two as she delivers orders to her guests.
11. Offer the Hostess an additional gift when she re-books herself within three months. You may want to offer her an extra incentive for holding 3 shows within a year.
12. Offer a gift with purchase to encourage orders.
13. Offer a free product of their choice to people who take the brochure home, share it with friends and family, and get 5 additional orders resulting in a certain amount of dollars.