Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A New Direction For A New Year

Since our official launch in 2012, we have had so many wonderful Stylists join Vessel and have the opportunity to become part of a new wave in fragrance and fashion, to be part of a team of like-minded, entrepreneurial women, and to earn money sharing our fabulous products.

Many of the Stylists who have joined Vessel are essential oil users, and therefore a majority of our Stylists are also involved with other direct sales companies – typically an essential oil company. A trend we are seeing is that these Stylists are first and foremost building their oil business and using Vessel as a complementary product line, instead of joining Vessel as their primary direct sales company and really growing their Vessel business through recruiting and team building. As a result, our Vessel business has increasingly become an opportunity to focus on retail sales and earn retail commission instead of earning team building or leadership commissions.

While we definitely continue to see the popularity of our own Vessel pure perfume fragrances as a beautiful scent option for those who don’t use essential oils, we see a large part our future as being able to reach more and more essential oil users. To do this, starting in 2016 we will be changing our sales method from Direct Sales (or Home Party) to a retail sales model.

One of the retail avenues that we will participate in, and that will remain an entrepreneurial and income-generating opportunity for our Stylists, is a new Affiliate Partner Program. For those Stylists who are also with another direct sales company, this Affiliate model is not in direct competition with any other direct sales company, because we will no longer be a direct sales company.  As you switch over to the Affiliate Program, for the majority of you, your Vessel earning opportunity will not really change – you’ll still receive a retail commission on sales through your own website, blog, social media accounts, email or text messages.

We invite all of you as current Vessel Stylists to transition over to, and join our Affiliate Program.  Tonight we want to give you a brief overview of how this new program will work. We’ll follow up with more detailed information through email and on our Facebook page. Through the end of January, we will offer our current Stylists the opportunity to continue to do business as usual. Through January, we will continue to pay retail and team commission on your existing team. However, as of now, we will not be accepting new Stylists into our Home Party model. Our current website will become inaccessible while undergoing construction to reflect the new retail and Affiliate model, but our current online store will remain active until the new site is up and running. For now, when you go to you’ll be taken to a landing page for the new website. There will be a link to our existing store, or you can continue to access the current store at

With the new Affiliate Program, Vessel will be working with an Affiliate Network called ShareASale. When our new website is up and running, we’ll have a link where you can join ShareASale as an Affiliate. This will be free of charge for anyone to join. And we sincerely hope that each of our Stylists chooses to join as an Affiliate. Once you join, you’ll have access to Vessel banner links or text links that you can post on your own website or blog, or share on your social media accounts, or through email or text messages. When your customers or contacts click on one of these links, they will be taken directly to the new Vessel Store. Clicking through your link identifies them as your customer, so that when they place an order, the retail commission is credited to you.

A typical jewelry merchant with an Affiliate Program offers anywhere from 2% to 12% retail commission. For all new Affiliates who join Vessel starting in February, they will earn a 12% retail commission. We will not automatically transfer, or enroll any current Stylists into the new program. You, yourself can follow the link on the new website to join as an Affiliate. We will also be adjusting our pricing – many of our chains and lockets will have a slightly lower price point with this new program, hopefully appealing to a broader consumer group. There will no longer be recruiting into Vessel as a direct sales company, but in addition to retail commission you will still be earning, in the new Affiliate Program we will also pay a $10 referral bonus to any Affiliate who refers a new Affiliate to Vessel. Your commission payments, will come directly through ShareASale once a month under the new program.

As part of this change, our National Sales Director, Tracy Ralph, and our Director of Stylist Services, Dioni Morales, will no longer be part of the Vessel corporate staff. We'd like to thank Tracy and Dioni for all they have done for Vessel and for our Stylists over the years. We appreciate and love you. We’re excited to continue our relationship with you under our new Affiliate Program.

Just to recap some of the important dates, or time frames, mentioned earlier:

Through January
  • ·      Vessel business as usual; retail and team commissions paid
  • ·      No new Stylists accepted
  • ·      Vessel website will become inaccessible ( Going to this address will take you to a landing page with a link to the Vessel store
  • ·      Vessel store still accessible (
  • ·      Stylist Facebook page will remain active through January

Early February
  • ·      New website will be available
  • ·      Launch of new Affiliate Program
  • ·      Current Stylists can sign up as Affiliates
  • ·      New Affiliates can join 

We understand that this new mode of doing business is definitely a change of direction for Vessel.  We truly believe this is a change for the better, and that together we’ll be able to reach a much larger customer base. We also know that this is a lot of new information for you to process, so we’ll be following up over the next several days and weeks with additional information through email and on our Stylist Facebook page.  In the meantime, if you have any specific questions right away, please send those through email to You are also welcome to call and talk with us at 888-966-8775.

We remain committed to Vessel, and to continuing to offer you, our wonderful Vessel Stylists, an entrepreneurial, income-generating opportunity far into the future as Vessel Affiliates. We truly hope that you will all continue with us under our new Affiliate Program, and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with you.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Remembering WHY Vessel Started

Here's a blog post from our early days, about the WHY of Vessel's beginnings, for those who may not know the story of why Vessel was started ...

I have always enjoyed perusing the perfume counters in department stores. Pretty packaging catches my eye, celebrity endorsements are enticing, and fragrance names sound so delightful. But alas, when it comes time for the salesperson to spray my wrist I quickly back off and head for the shoes, or the purses, or the clothes, or anywhere else in the store!

The smell of fragrance on my skin bothers me so much, that on the rare occasion I have bought perfume and actually used it, I'm typically washing it off within minutes of applying it. In fact, the driving force behind my infrequent perfume purchases has usually been how cute I thought the bottle would look on my bathroom counter! I soon realize that a $75 (or higher) bathroom decoration is not worth the money spent.

I don't necessarily have allergies to perfume, although sometimes my nose does get stuffed up if I happen to be in close contact to someone who smells like they just bathed in their favorite fragrance. For me, it is more like a sensitivity to the fragrance on my skin. To be succinct, I just can't stand scent on my skin!

Vessel jewelry is the perfect way for me, and anyone else with allergies or sensitivities, to enjoy fragrance without having to directly apply perfume to the skin. It's such a great solution that now I wear perfume everyday - in my scented jewelry of course - and I can even change fragrance anytime I want to throughout the day or evening.

So to my fellow allergy or sensitivity sufferers out there: you too can now enjoy fragrance without worry. 

Vessel is the answer!



Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Take time to evaluate your Vessel business

by: Dioni Morales, Director of Stylist Services

As this year comes to an end, I can't help but evaluate how this last year went for me in every aspect of my life ... including my career/business.  Then I started to think about how YOU can do the same with your Vessel business. 

When I attended the Go Pro Convention just last month I had the opportunity to hear Eric Worre, author and networking expert. He suggests that you look at your business as if it were a publicly-traded company, one in which you have accountability to your investors.  This means knowing exactly what's going on, what's working, and what's not and needs to change.  You really need to be aware of every detail of your business.

I was thinking of a few points to consider when you sit down to evaluate this past year and begin planning your 2016:

1. How much did your business grow in 2015? 

In 2016, "Stop playing business, Start doing business." You need to think as a business person.  You need to know your numbers.  You need to start tracking your business data, growth, sales, etc.

2. Did you write and follow a business-building strategy in 2015? How did it go?

In 2016, you need to create strategies that line up with your goals. Re-write your goals on paper and in detail.

3. How much did you grow personally in 2015?

My suggestion is that you take a deep look at your habits and your daily methods of operation (DMO's).  As Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."  Make a list of habits that are not helping you.  Change them.  Create an accountability strategy to make those habits hold.

4. What is your Vessel business worth?

What value can you add to your business in 2016 that will make your business worth more?

These are just four aspects of your business that you should really take the time to evaluate.  Design a plan to improve in each area.  Follow through and evaluate every couple of months.  I can assure you that if you do this, and then evaluate again a year from now, you will see a big change in your business and in your life. After all, as I heard Anthony Robbins say recently, "You're not looking for the ultimate business, you're looking of the ultimate life."

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

10 Tips for Great Holiday Sales

Some people have been preparing for months; others will wait until the last possible moment.  But, for better or for worse, the Christmas shopping season is upon all of us.  If we remember to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, we can be of service AND ring up some pretty decent sales through the rest of the season. 

Here are some tips to better holiday sales:

  1. Something extra for the giver:  I don't know about you, but holiday shopping can stress me out.  Why not offer a coupon for a free donut from the local bakery or something similar with each purchase? 
  2. Offer free gift wrapping: This costs very little, and is appreciated by all.
  3. Reach out to men:  Guys sometimes need a little help coming up with a gift their sweetheart, mom, sister, and/or daughters would love.  Vessel is that unique gift!  So help them customize a Vessel set that will speak to their loved one. 
  4. Promote the holiday spirit:  You can hold a holiday open house in which a percentage - or even all - of the profit from the party will go to a favorite charity.  Or you can tell customers all season long that a certain portion of each sale will go to a worthwhile cause.
  5. Have one or more Mystery Hostess parties:  Tracy has talked about Mystery Hostess parties before as a way to jump start your sales and hostess leads.  The concept is simple: YOU host a Vessel party.  Let attendees know that a Mystery Hostess will be chosen from those who attend, and that person will receive all the Host rewards for the party.  You can also give additional entries to those who bring guests, or who buy a certain amount at the party, or if they book a party of their own. 
  6. Make yourself available:  Everyone is so busy during the holidays!  If you can be a bit more flexible with your time, you might find yourself with a few additional parties. 
  7. Holiday Gift Ideas:  Come up with your own selection designed to help busy shoppers.  Categories could include Stocking Stuffers, Gifts Under $25, Sweetheart Gifts, etc.  Create cute sets, and be sure to include some charms for bling!  When people see these sets put together they go crazy for them!  We've recently seen a lot of success from Stylists utilizing a "Frozen" theme.  Other set themes could be Love (heart lockets, ScentSpheres and charms), Christmas (lots of red and green), Fall (copper pieces, earth tones), Favorite Team (team colors and sports charm of choice) .... the list goes on and on.  This is where Vessel shines ... the ability to create such a personalized piece of jewelry. 
  8. Who else would like this?  If a customer has a person in mind for a gift, chances are there are other loved ones who would love something similar.
  9. Upselling:  We all know about upselling.  And you can't be overly obnoxious about it.  But our charms and ScentSpheres provide the perfect upselling opportunity!  Few can resist how just the right charm really makes the set complete ... you just have to show them.  And make sure you emphasize how awesome it is to have an array of ScentSpheres colors to go with the different pieces in their wardrobe.  Personally, I think this factor is one of the best things about Vessel. 
  10. Holiday postcards:  Buy inexpensive holiday themed postcards, or you can even cut off the front of cards you received in prior years.  Mail them to your neighbors, family and friends to let them know you have the perfect gift for the loved ones on their list.  Include the Vessel store website address and your Stylist ID number so that you get credit if they buy. 

What ideas do YOU have for having a great holiday season for your Vessel business?  Feel free to share your ideas ( 

To Your Success!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

10 Tips for Direct Sales Vendor Event Etiquette

by Tracy Ralph, National Sales Director

Today's tips about attending Vendor Events comes to us from Brenda Ster (

Vendor events are a fantastic way to get outside of your own circle of contacts, make sales, and build leads for potential customers and hostesses.
Once you book your event, then be sure you’re following these 10 etiquette tips, to being a good Direct Sales Vendor.

The event coordinator is an invaluable resource. They may assist with booth assignments (and give preference to good relationships or requests), and keep you informed of other upcoming events for priority registration. Be sure to check-in with the event coordinator upon arrival and departure. Follow-up with a thank you email, and a brief summary of how your sales were at their event.

Arrive early for your event. You will have more time for unloading and booth setup, less problems with parking, and also manage good impressions with the event coordinator (see #1). Arriving early will also allow you time to walk the event before it starts, have a snack or beverage, see other vendors (see #6), and assess any competitors.

Do not ever leave your event early, even if it’s slow. Some vendor contracts indicate that if you leave early, you forfeit the right to return to that event. It is simply bad form to be packing up and leaving, while customers may still be browsing other booths. You never know who might stop by, and the end of events is often the time that vendors network and with other vendors. (See #6).

While you are in your booth, you are the face of your business. Unless you are selling food, do not eat or drink in front of customers, or if you must, keep it discrete and out of view.  No one wants to see you talking to customers with your mouth full….  especially, your customers.

Like #4, first impressions are lasting impressions. Remain standing if possible, for the best opportunity to engage with your customers.  Move about your booth freely, and present the best possible positive experience.  This will also allow you to pull product more easily, or direct to various display pieces that might be of interest.

Vendors often refer events to other vendor friends. Network with those around you. You may or may not gain customers, but at least you’ll gain relationships that may yield future event leads.  Networking with other vendors is a great thing to do when the event traffic is slow.  Have extra business cards or goodie bags for this purpose.

Do not encroach on your neighbor’s booth. There is nothing more annoying that having another vendor’s display overflow into my space, or having a neighbor’s customers overflow into my space. Be conscious of your borders and corners, both in your display and  how people flow.  Invite your customers INTO your booth, to avoid awkward conversations with your neighbors.

While this may be obvious since it’s the whole reason you’re at your event, but how many times have you seen a vendor sitting behind their booth (#5), eating (#4), and staring at their phone (#10), and NOT engaging with their customers?  Create an open booth environment by greeting each passerby, and inviting them in to view your product and display.
You will want to follow-up with your prospects, since a primary objective of vendor events is hostess, customer, and team member leads.  Offer a raffle entry or a drawing where all your leads can enter and provide their contact information.  People like the chance to win.  Then, be sure to follow-up with those leads within a reasonable amount of time.
Stay off your technology, unless it’s directly related to a business purpose (such as using for customer checkout). Unless there is a lull, you should not be staring at your smart phone or surfing Facebook during your event. If your eyes are down on your phone, they are not up looking for your next customers. Being focused on your technology makes you appear disinterested in what’s going on around you.

Vendor etiquette is critical to building relationships and reputation in your event community. Become known as someone who is respectful, reliable, and relational, and you will soon build a network of coordinators and other vendors who invite you to participate in future events.  You can ROCK your vendor events, just by being a good vendor!
credit to: Brenda Ster-

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Gift Giving Guide for Gentlemen

Vessel has made your holiday shopping easier than ever with our fabulous holiday specials. With a 15% DISCOUNT on select sets and FREE SHIPPING with any order over $50, you'll find something for everyone on your list.  Check out our holiday specials by clicking on the links below.

In addition to the holiday special sets we've put together for you to choose from, here are some additional ideas for pieces you can create yourself as a personalized gift.

Gentlemen, if you're looking for great gift ideas for all the women and girls in your life this holiday season, this is your perfect gift-giving guide.

Ladies and girls, if you need to give a little hint about what you want, just refer him here!

For your sweetheart…

Laura Chain, Large Heart Locket, Pearl, Garnet, and Heart & Key Charms,
Red (Heart) ScentSpheres with Flirty Fruity Fragrance    

For your daughter…

Red Cord Necklace, Small Heart Locket, and Heart Charm,
White ScentSpheres with Berry Kisses Fragrance    

For your sister…

White Ribbon/Cord Necklace, Teardrop Locket, Chrysoprase and Snowflake Charms,
Apple Green, Ruby and White ScentSpheres with Sparkling Floral Fragrance    

For your mother...

Alexa Chain, Circle Locket, Peridot and Star Charms
Apple Green ScentSpheres with Vanilla Orchid Splash Fragrance


And don't forget your favorite furry friends...

Pet Bone Locket, Bone Charm,
Ruby ScentSpheres with Amber Vanilla Fragrance     

Pet Paw Locket, Bone Charm,
Apple Green ScentSpheres with Cucumber Green Tea Fragrance    

Use your imagination and creativity to personalize a Vessel gift for each of your loved ones.