Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Story of Vessel

Many years ago, VesselFounder Karen Carter wondered if she would ever be able to enjoy wearing fragrance.  Almost all fragrances caused sensitivity issues when she used them, and so she found herself unable to enjoy the pleasure of fragrance.  When her sister began making jewelry, an idea came to Karen: what if you didn't have to apply fragrance directly upon your skin or clothing, but instead had some sort of jewelry piece that contained the fragrance ... thus keeping it off the skin and clothing?  She dreamed of one day pursuing this idea.

For the next several years, Karen held busy and responsible positions in the corporate world in direct sales companies.  She enjoyed her work, and thought that she would pursue her dream idea "someday."  Then a corporate lay-off eliminated her job.  Despite feeling nervous about her financial security, she thought to herself, "What better time to try to make this idea become a reality?"  Security was already gone; there would be no better time.  She began working on her scented jewelry concept.

In the meantime, her good friend and former co-worker Susan Harward, who also lost her job in the same corporate lay-off, loved the concept and told Karen that she would help as much as she could while she looked for a job.  In time, Susan began to realize that Vessel was the career she really wanted.

Many months later, with a crazy learning curve and hard - yet exhilarating - work, Vessel was finally ready to share with the world. 

The basic patent-pending concept of Vessel is "Scented Jewelry."  Fragrance is concentrated in ScentSpheres™, natural clay beads that are fired to a point where they retain the ability to absorb.  ScentSpheres™, which can be customized with choice of fragrance and bead design/color, are worn in custom-designed lockets.  These lockets, which come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes, in turn can be worn with any Vessel chain or ribbon/cord necklace or bracelet.  Additional products include flowers that can be worn in the hair or on clothing and support either a locket or a charm, purse lockets/chain, car freshener lockets/chain, a wide assortment of fun charms to personalize the look, and a pet line!  In addition, we are working on a girl's party package, where each girl would be able to customize a piece of jewelry in an affordable way. 

Vessel is a home party plan, offering a wide array of rewards for either hosting a Vessel party, or for building a Vessel business.  A Vessel Stylist can create a work/life balance that is just right for her, from earning a small extra income for just a few hours of work to creating a rewarding professional career. 

We are excited to finally have Karen's dream become reality, and to share it with everyone.  We invite you all to:
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