Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Allergic or Sensitive to Perfume? Vessel is the Answer!

I have always enjoyed perusing the perfume counters in department stores. Pretty packaging catches my eye, celebrity endorsements are enticing, and fragrance names sound so delightful. But alas, when it comes time for the salesperson to spray my wrist I quickly back off and head for the shoes, or the purses, or the clothes, or anywhere else in the store!

The smell of fragrance on my skin bothers me so much, that on the rare occasion I have bought perfume and actually used it, I'm typically washing it off within minutes of applying it. In fact, the driving force behind my infrequent perfume purchases has usually been how cute I thought the bottle would look on my bathroom counter! I soon realize that a $75 (or higher) bathroom decoration is not worth the money spent.

I don't necessarily have allergies to perfume, although sometimes my nose does get stuffed up if I happen to be in close contact to someone who smells like they just bathed in their favorite fragrance. For me, it is more like a sensitivity to the fragrance on my skin. To be succinct, I just can't stand scent on my skin!

Vessel jewelry is the perfect way for me, and anyone else with allergies or sensitivities, to enjoy fragrance without having to directly apply perfume to the skin. It's such a great solution that now I wear perfume everyday - in my scented jewelry of course - and I can even change fragrance anytime I want to throughout the day or evening.

So to my fellow allergy or sensitivity sufferers out there: you too can now enjoy fragrance without worry. 

Vessel is the answer!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Unique Designs of Vessel

You may or may not know this about Vessel's lockets, but they have ALL been designed just for us!  If you have ever had occasion to try to find unique lockets, like us you probably found that almost all commercially available lockets come in just a handful of shapes (primarily hearts), and very, very few of them are as open in design as Vessel lockets are.  We knew that this would be a critical attribute, since it's pretty hard to smell our ScentSpheres behind a wall of metal!   After not having much success finding what we needed ready-made, we began the process of having unique designs made for us. 

This was a new road for us, and we learned a lot in the process.  We were lucky enough to find a fabulous local designer.  Our very first design was what we now call the "Diamond" locket.  We wanted to invoke the "V" of Vessel into it.
It was a lot of fun to come up with different ideas for locket designs, and sometimes challenging to come up with the proper marriage of function and design.  For example, we wanted to do a butterfly locket, but eventually put it on the back-burner because we were having difficulty in designing a workable way for the locket to open.  We'll keep working on that one.  The possibilities for future locket introductions are almost limitless!  That's pretty exciting - for us, and for you!
One of the things I like best about Vessel jewelry is that - because of the unique designs of the lockets - you will find that people will stop you to ask about your jewelry.  Of course, they have no way of knowing when they stop you that there is so much more to the jewelry ... when they find out about the ScentSpheres, it usually just astounds them.  The point is that they are first drawn to the attractiveness of the jewelry, and the fact that it is scented jewelry simply "seals the deal."  What a great benefit for Vessel Stylists, to have a product that truly does sell itself.  If you are a Vessel Stylist, I suggest you keep a good supply of business cards and Vessel information with you at all times!
We would also love to hear from you regarding what locket designs you would like to see us do in the future.  Feel free to comment on this blog post, post on our Facebook page (, or drop us a note to

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Versatile Vessel for the Holidays

If you're like me, you probably have a few holiday parties scheduled this month. Coming up with various outfits and accessories can be challenging (at least for me!) both creatively and monetarily. Instead of spending a lot of money to buy seperate jewelry pieces for each party, why not purchase one Vessel set, and change out Charms and ScentSpheres to match each outfit.

Here are some perfect examples of how the Alexa 30" Chain and Teardrop Locket in rhodium plating can work for any holiday party - whether fun, festive or formal.

First, you've volunteered your home for the family party and, even though you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed with your holiday to-do list, you want to look holly and jolly for the relatives. You need a fun piece to wear with the holiday sweater grandma gave you last year. Insert a mix of Apple Green and Red (heart) ScentSpheres, and include Ruby, Peridot and Star Charms and you're all set for family fun!


Then, you've got your neighborhood party, and you know all the ladies on the block are eager to see the amazing ensemble you’ll arrive in. You need a beautiful look with festive flair. Change over to a combination of White, Light Blue and Blue ScentSpheres with Aquamarine, Sapphire and Snowflake Charms, and you’re ready to revel!


Finally, for your formal work party you want a gorgeous piece to wear with that little black dress. You need an elegant accent that guarantees all eyes will be on you as you make your entrance. Select White w/Black Flowers ScentSpheres with Pearl and Heart Charms, and you’ll dazzle your coworkers with stunning style!

Vessel jewelry is so versatile, that just a few simple changes create a perfectly custom piece for any occasion. You won't want to party without Vessel this holiday season!


Monday, November 26, 2012

A Truly Personalized Gift

So, did you all survive Black Friday?  I'm thinking it should be renamed "Thanksgiving-Stealing-Thursday"with the ever-earlier shopping times ... obviously, I'm not a fan of short-changing the Thanksgiving holiday.  :-)  As I saw on a recent Facebook post, it is interesting that we cut short a day in which we give thanks for all that we have, in order to go out and get more stuff.

At any rate, with the holiday season upon us, it can sometimes be a bit of a struggle to find something unique and special for that certain woman or girl in our lives - something that says that we pay attention, that we know her. 

Is she a romantic sort who likes softer, frilly things?  She would probably adore our large heart locket on a delicate Ashlyn chain.  Does she have a bit of an edge in her fashion sense?  Maybe she would really love some pieces in in the gun metal finish. 

Is she crazy about the color pink?  Some little pink heart ScentSpheres would probably make her smile.  Is she a young lady who might be pleased to see a Vessel set with a cute little cell phone or butterfly charm? (By the way, we have found young girls to be among our biggest fans.)

Is her favorite season fall?  How about a set in the copper finish, with ScentSpheres in an earthy, woodsy fragrance such as Autumn Spice? 

With the Vessel jewelry and fragrance choices, it is easy to design a set that is absolutely perfect for the one you love.  Order by December 17 to get it in time for Christmas!



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fresh Living Feature

Vessel was recently featured on Fresh Living - a Salt Lake City daytime talk show as one of host Alicia Richmond's favorite things. We want to become one of your favorite things as well!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Vessel Story

Our Vessel story began when two women, an inventive new product concept and a compelling business idea all converged to create a unique social-selling company. In 2011 Karen Carter and Susan Harward began a journey to establish a company that would provide beautiful scented jewelry and accessories, and exciting business opportunities for women. The exhilarating journey continues as Vessel and each woman who joins us thrives and flourishes.

The meaning of our name Vessel directly relates to our people – exceptional women infused with impressive attributes; to our company – an opportunity infused with personally and financially rewarding potential; and our product – stylish jewelry infused with fine fragrance.

From the beginning, we sensed that a collective group of women working together could accomplish great things for themselves, for their friends and families, and for their communities. Our five Vessel “scents” convey our guiding principles and a sense of place and purpose to the women who are our Vessel customers, hostesses, stylists and employees.

Scents of Style
Vessel is a place where we each possess an individually unique and beautiful style. Whether we are bold or subtle, sassy or shy, assertive or easy-going, we each express ourselves and our personality through our choice of fragrance and jewelry. We accent our beauty as we design and live our lives with a style all our own.

Scents of Self
Vessel is a place where both our inner and outer beauty are accentuated. Each of us is valued and cherished. We build relationships with other women in our lives: mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and family. We experience growth in our own lives as we enhance our talents, abilities and skills, and help others do the same.

Scents of Space
Vessel is a place where we each strive to improve the space around us. We create a beautiful, pleasing aura with the fragrances and jewelry we choose to wear. We open our homes to others for fun, social events where we share our exceptional products and expand our circle of influence. Our corporate and consultant work environment is friendly and welcoming to all who wish to join us.

Scents of Service
Vessel is a place where we contribute in meaningful ways to our society and those around us. We serve each other and support women-related causes and charities. We provide exceptional service to each other and to our customers as we treat each other with genuine care and consideration.

Scents of Success
Vessel is a place where we each experience the accomplishment of success. We set and reach goals and promote individual and group achievement. Our hard work and effort is recognized and rewarded. Leadership opportunities help each individual to realize success, both personally and financially.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jewelry AND Fragrance Made Easy!

It may surprise some people when I tell them I don't really consider myself much of a jewelry maven.  Before Vessel, my methodology was pretty much one of three approaches: 1) buy a specific set of jewelry when I bought a new outfit that was "matchy/matchy" with that outfit and pretty much didn't go with anything else; or 2) wear something simple and classic, like a simple chain or stud earrings - boring but safe; or 3) look at my supreme jumble of jewelry and try to pick something out that made at least a little sense.  End result: jewelry selection was always a bit of a hassle, and I usually ended up with something boring but safe. 

Fragrance selection, up until now, has been even more so.  There are a few fragrances that I like - but they are expensive and I can't really afford to buy more than one bottle at a time.  Sometimes I get perfume as a gift, but it's not always a fragrance that I really like.  So, I end up with one bottle of something I love (which I tend to use sparingly, to make it last), and a bunch of stuff I really don't care for. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

Here's what I LOVE about Vessel:

You pick a locket and chain that complements your outfit (i.e., lacy heart for softer clothes, maybe something in gun metal for an edgier look, etc.).

Add one or more colors of ScentSpheres™  to match or complement your outfit (I LOVE wearing a couple of different colors and/or shapes!).  Since the ScentSpheres sets are so inexpensive, you can afford to have a wide array of fragrances and colors.

Add a charm or two that ties everything together, or is just whimsical and fun. 

Jewelry and fragrance selection now takes no time at all ... and it's fun! 

By the way, I don't think I have ever worn a Vessel set while I'm out and about and not had someone compliment me on it and ask about it.  Talk about something that sells itself! 
Live YOUR life with a Scents of Style!


Monday, October 8, 2012


We're so excited to receive some new pieces.  We already highlighted the new pet lockets, but in addition we have these new pieces.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Animal Instinks

We, and all of our pet friends, are so excited to let you know about our two new pet lockets!

Here is my best girl friend Ninja modeling the Pet Bone Locket with Apple Green ScentSpheres.
And here is adorable Daisy modeling the Pet Paw Locket with Raspberry Flower ScentSpheres.
Be sure to check out these new pet lockets, and get one for your favorite furry friend!

Monday, August 27, 2012

How it Works:

Follow five simple steps and you’ve created your own personalized, perfumed focal point.

1 - Choose Your Locket
Vessel lockets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes that coordinate with any style. Finishes include Rhodium Plated, Antique Silver, Antique Gold, Antique Copper and Gun Metal.

2 - Choose Your Necklace
Select an 18” or 30” chain to match your locket finish. Or pick out one of our simple single ribbon or cord necklaces, or a bit fancier ribbon/cord combo necklace – each in an 18” length.

3- Choose Your ScentSpheres™
Various colors, patterns and shapes mean that you have a vast array of options.  Why not choose several to match your assorted outfits, your diverse moods, and your exceptional style.

4- Choose Your Fragrance
With fine fragrances in five categories we have a scent to suit every woman’s preference. Or select fragrance-free ScentSpheres to drop your own fragrance or essential oils onto.

5 - Choose Your Charms
Finish up your piece with a charm or several to complete your perfect, customized piece. Select from our charming silver-plated charms and include a beautiful birthstone to highlight your special month, or to add an extra pop of color.

Visit our website: You can order products, sign up to host a party, or get information about how to reserve your Stylist spot in this exciting pre-launch period.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vessel on Good Things Utah
Our appearance on Good Things Utah was a great experience. I had lots of fun talking with Gretchen about our scented jewelry. We gave a piece to her, Nicea and Brianne. They loved it! We have had a lot of interest in Vessel since the show - women wanting to host parties and sign up as Stylists with us.

Here are a few more photos of me and Gretchen.

Here is the link to watch our segment.

With love, Karen

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What A Woman Wants Show at South Towne Expo Center

In mid-April Vessel participated in the "What A Woman Wants" show at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.  This was our first public showing of the products, so we were very excited! We received so much interest in our unique product ... from women of all ages, including young girls!  We were also able to conduct fragrance testing so that we could determine the fragrances we should launch with.  There were certainly clear favorites. 
Vessel Founders Karen Carter (r) and Susan Harward (l)
Left to right, Heather Randall, Susan Harward and Kristen Knight
Karen's sister Becky with her nieces and nephew
Susan's grandson Atty
We participated in the Fashion Show that was held during the Expo, and what a great experience that was!  We were able to "dress" the models with fabulous Vessel jewelry as they were getting ready to walk the runway.  That was a lot of fun!  The audience loved our pieces.  In fact, one prize winner later told us that she was so disappointed that she didn't win one of our prize bags because that's what she really wanted. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Story of Vessel

Many years ago, VesselFounder Karen Carter wondered if she would ever be able to enjoy wearing fragrance.  Almost all fragrances caused sensitivity issues when she used them, and so she found herself unable to enjoy the pleasure of fragrance.  When her sister began making jewelry, an idea came to Karen: what if you didn't have to apply fragrance directly upon your skin or clothing, but instead had some sort of jewelry piece that contained the fragrance ... thus keeping it off the skin and clothing?  She dreamed of one day pursuing this idea.

For the next several years, Karen held busy and responsible positions in the corporate world in direct sales companies.  She enjoyed her work, and thought that she would pursue her dream idea "someday."  Then a corporate lay-off eliminated her job.  Despite feeling nervous about her financial security, she thought to herself, "What better time to try to make this idea become a reality?"  Security was already gone; there would be no better time.  She began working on her scented jewelry concept.

In the meantime, her good friend and former co-worker Susan Harward, who also lost her job in the same corporate lay-off, loved the concept and told Karen that she would help as much as she could while she looked for a job.  In time, Susan began to realize that Vessel was the career she really wanted.

Many months later, with a crazy learning curve and hard - yet exhilarating - work, Vessel was finally ready to share with the world. 

The basic patent-pending concept of Vessel is "Scented Jewelry."  Fragrance is concentrated in ScentSpheres™, natural clay beads that are fired to a point where they retain the ability to absorb.  ScentSpheres™, which can be customized with choice of fragrance and bead design/color, are worn in custom-designed lockets.  These lockets, which come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes, in turn can be worn with any Vessel chain or ribbon/cord necklace or bracelet.  Additional products include flowers that can be worn in the hair or on clothing and support either a locket or a charm, purse lockets/chain, car freshener lockets/chain, a wide assortment of fun charms to personalize the look, and a pet line!  In addition, we are working on a girl's party package, where each girl would be able to customize a piece of jewelry in an affordable way. 

Vessel is a home party plan, offering a wide array of rewards for either hosting a Vessel party, or for building a Vessel business.  A Vessel Stylist can create a work/life balance that is just right for her, from earning a small extra income for just a few hours of work to creating a rewarding professional career. 

We are excited to finally have Karen's dream become reality, and to share it with everyone.  We invite you all to:
We are excited to share our journey with you through this blog ... please bookmark us, visit often, and watch us grow!