Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How do we reward you? Let us count the ways!

The Vessel compensation plan is part of a motivation strategy - an approach designed to help our Stylists want to do the things necessary to succeed in their business. Our compensation plan focuses on five key behaviors that drive and build our Stylists' business, and that they are rewarded for doing.

Build a strong retail culture with a solid Host and Customer base. Focus on strong booking success in every Party.
Earn money with your very first Party or Customer order. Immediately begin to earn 30% retail profit on your personal retail sales, with the opportunity to earn up to 40% retail profit with our Power Seller Bonus.

Share the Vessel opportunity and begin building a Team.
Active Stylists or higher earn 5% on the sales of Level 1 recruits. Active Executive Stylists or higher earn 3% on the sales of Level 2 recruits. (During L1 and L2 recruit's enrollment month plus three full months.)

Managers become experts at selling and recruiting, and teaching others to do the same. The ultimate goal of a Manager is to help others on their Team to become strong Managers. Managers mentor and lead by example. A strong Manager is a future Leader.
As your Team grows and you begin to move up in rank, you earn Advacement Bonuses: $150 for reaching Silver Stylist and $500 for reaching Sapphire Director. You receive Level 1-3 Bonuses of 2% to 7%, as well as a Team Volume Bonus of 2% on your entire Team's sales when you reach Sapphire Director.

Leaders Provide the strength that sustains and builds the business over time. For long term success there is no other way. A strong Leader develops new Managers and Leaders below them, helping and teaching them in turn to develop other Managers and Leaders. For a Leader to grow their business they must nurture this process continually. They must often work deeper in their downline, searching for rising stars and mentoring them to become great Leaders.
When a Team member promotes to Sapphire Director for the first time, as the immediate upline Sapphire Director or higher, you receive a matching $500 advancement bonus. In addition to Personal Earnings and Team Building Commissions, a Leader receives commission on the generations, or teams led by Leaders in their downline. You receive 3% to 4% on four generations deep.

The key to growth and success is retention. Experts agree that a new recruit needs $25 to $35 per hour to make it worth their time and keep them in the business. With Vessel, if you have a Party with $250 in retail sales (which is totally achievable with our Party average of over $500), you've earned a 30% retail profit of $75. If you spent two hours on that Party, you've eared $37.50 per hour. Now multiply this by your additional Parties and your Team members' Parties, and you see how your success and your Team's success leads to retention. 
A great compensation plan like Vessel's balances the incentive between Personal Earnings, Team Building Commissions and Leadership Commissions.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Diamonds Need to be Willing to be Cut

by: Dioni Morales, Director of Stylists Services

For my last two blog posts, I've been talking about creating your "big" vision, as well as what is limiting your ability to create it.  So now that you have created that Big Vision, what is it that you are willing to do to achieve it?  What is the price that you're willing to pay?  The answer to these questions will be unique to each person, because we all have different situations in our lives. 

I will share the common/general things you should be prepared to do to get there:

1. Be patient. We are farmers.  We sow the seeds, and we water.... and we water....  Then all of a sudden, the seeds will sprout.

2. Work on yourself.  People join YOU.  People follow you, the leader, so you have to work on your leadership skills. You have to work harder on YOU than you do on your business.

3. Lead by example.  Be the hardest-working person in the room.  Your team is depending on you to lead them.

4. See the opportunity and take charge.  Vessel is a very new company.  There are many markets/cities that have no or very few Stylists.  Some will see this as a disadvantage.  YOU will see this as a great opportunity, and you will help others see it that way as well.

5. ALWAYS do the right thing.  As in life, good people will finish on top.

6. Honor your word.  A person is only as good as the word they keep.

7. Re-invent your business if needed.  If what you're doing is not working, come up with a new plan!  Don't be afraid to try new things.

8. Don't give up:  If you put an egg in an incubator, would you take the warming light off the egg right before it hatches?

9. Change your mindset.  Your mind is 80% of your result.  Make sure you have the right attitude and know exactly where you're going.

10.  Dust off and keep going.  Not everything is going to work out the way you planned.  As in life, not-so-good things will happen, and it's what you do after the fact that will define you and your business.

No one ever said it will be easy or will go perfectly smoothly.  However, it has been proven that the people who endure in this business will reap the rewards.  The persistent will soon live the life that they only dreamed of.  Vessel is your vehicle to get there!  But just like a diamond, you have to be willing to get cut to bring out your true beauty.  Stay the course, and soon you will be a Diamond with Vessel.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Vessel's Direct Hire and Leadership Referral Programs

Just recently, our first Direct Hire Leader joined Vessel.  Amy Neville brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Vessel, and we are expecting great success from her.

So what is Direct Hire?

Direct Hire is for those experienced and knowledgeable direct sales professionals, like Amy, who (for whatever reason) are looking for a new direct sales "home," where they can build a new team.  Most importantly, they have demonstrated the ability to build large teams quickly.

There could be any number of reasons that they are leaving their prior company, but typically what this professional is looking for is: 1) a unique product; 2) a non-saturated market; and 3) a ground floor opportunity.  And, as you hopefully are well aware, Vessel has all three of these attributes. 

They are also looking for a good compensation plan that rewards their skills in sales and recruiting.  Vessel's plan was developed by the premiere compensation plan designer in the industry, and we believe it's one of the best plans in the industry.

When someone is brought in through the Direct Hire program, they are "given" the Vessel rank corresponding to what they had achieved at their prior company or companies.  However, they are also given very stringent goals in exchange for the title we give them from the start, and a limited timeframe in which to achieve these goals.  It is safe to say that we expect strong performance from our Direct Hires, and we reward them accordingly.  We interview them thoroughly to determine the extent of their actual experience and knowledge.  This program is definitely not for just anyone.

One of the huge benefits of this program is that if the Direct Hire Leader meets the goals in the timeframe given, they are ahead of the game in meeting the goal of becoming a Founders Club member by June 30, 2016.  But, as a reminder to ALL Vessel Stylists, everyone still has a chance of being included in the Founders Club.  Reach the rank of Ruby Director by June 30, 2016, and you're IN!  Being a member of the Founders Club is not only extremely prestigious (and you will forever be one of our VIPs), it is also about the ability to participate in a Founders Club bonus pool if you meet basic requirements. 

What does Vessel get out of the Direct Hire program?  First and foremost, we get professional, skilled network marketers who can help us continue to build upon the momentum we have created thus far, in as quick a manner as possible.  We gain access to the contacts these people have built over their career, as well as their leadership experience. 

The program also benefits current Vessel Stylists by providing more buzz and exposure to Vessel.  But here's a much more concrete way in which current Vessel Stylists can benefit from the Direct Hire program ... which is our Leadership Referral opportunity.  If you are a Vessel Stylist and you happen to know someone who might be a good fit for the Direct Hire program, refer them to us!  If we determine that they are, in fact, a good Direct Hire choice for Vessel, you will get 2% of that person's Team Volume forever!  If the new Direct Hire is an industry heavy hitter, that could be a tremendous amount of income to you ... all for simply referring the person on to us. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why Isn't My Business Working?

by Tracy Ralph, National Sales Director

You bought your Kit, and you had high expectations for your new business ... so why isn't it "working?"

This business works, but are you working your business?

One thing I have found from experience is that we need to put time into our business every day.

People go to college for 2-4 years - and sometimes much longer - to learn their "profession."  When you start a new job, there is a "training" period to learn how to do that job.  The same is true in direct sales.  It doesn't necessarily just happen when you buy the Kit.  You have to make it happen.

How much time are you putting into your business?  An hour a day? (The Power Hour tool is a must!)  Ten minutes a day?  Are you putting in busy time, or are you investing in time that will actually advance your business?  There is a difference!  What are you doing to learn this business and become a professional?

Here are some concrete steps you can take today and every day to increase your professionalism and invest time wisely in your business:

  • Learn about your products

  • Watch the party presentation video daily

  • Be on the weekly training calls

  • Are you on One on One coaching calls?

  • Have you made a list of people to call to let them know you are in business?

  • Are you calling the people on the list?

  • Are you spending time daily on your business?  How much time?  15 minutes? A half hour? Are you implementing the Power Hour?

  • Are you holding in home parties?  The Power is in the Party

  • Are you sharing the opportunity with others?

  • Are you consistent?

When I was in the field, I found this to either be the most frustrating business ...or the most amazing business.  It all depended on me and my ACTIONS.  When I was diligent about doing the 10 things listed above, my business soared.  I had fun and made money!  When I didn't apply them in my business, I was frustrated and  wanted to just "quit."   I have to tell you, I liked having fun and making money much better than being frustrated!  If you are not where you want to be in your business, the good news is that you can turn it around very quickly!

I want to challenge you to start working your business on a daily basis - and you will see dramatic results.

Be consistent with no excuses.  Notice how consistent you are in  showering, brushing your teeth, washing your hair every day, and paying bills, buying groceries and feeding your family every week?  It's the same with your business.  You will be amazed at what happens in your business when you are consistent every day and every week.

Make a calendar of the next 30 days, and at the top of the calendar write BE CONSISTENT.  If you stick to being consistent for 30 days - no excuses! - you will discover what is working in your business and thus be able to change your habits.

This business works - when you work the business.