Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wear It and Share It

When you wear your Vessel scented jewelry, you'll be amazed at the comments, questions and compliments you receive. When others express interest in, or curiosity about our products, that's an ideal way to share Vessel with those you meet on a daily basis.

Unlike some other products sold through direct sales, like skin care or nutritional products that may be more difficult to start a conversation about, your Vessel jewelry can literally be front and center - visible for everyone to see, and a perfect conversation starter.
When I wear the Sun Locket,
I ALWAYS get compliments! 

No one has ever approached me out of the blue to ask what multi-vitamin supplement I take, or what daily moisturizer I use. Yet I've had neighbors, bank tellers, cashiers, doctors, nurses, and even total strangers at the gas pump ask me about my Vessel jewelry. They comment on what a beautiful necklace I'm wearing, and when I explain that it is also scented, they are even more intrigued and want to know more. It's a natural opening for me to talk about the jewelry and the company, and to gauge their interest in Vessel.

Instead of the mindset of "selling" Vessel products, take the approach of "sharing" your excitement and enthusiasm for Vessel when others comment on, or start asking questions about your jewelry. To me, the concept of "WEAR IT AND SHARE IT" is like the notion "BE A PRODUCT OF YOUR PRODUCT". When we implement the products into our daily life - in our case wearing a piece every day, we're making Vessel an integral part of our lives.

So as a Vessel Stylist, make Vessel scented jewelry a part of your daily life. Wear a set each day. Make it pop with color and emanate with fragrance, and as you "share" instead of "sell", you'll be amazed at the contacts you make and the rewarding interactions you'll have with others.

With love...

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