Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer ... Make it Sizzle for YOUR Business!

by Tracy Ralph, National Sales Director

 Let's face it..... 

You may be thinking your Vessel business will dry up this summer. On the contrary!  Summer actually can be the "hottest" time for parties!
It may just take a bit more creativity, but business is out there to be had. School is out, and moms are headed to the beach, parks, and picnics.  So what does this mean for you? Fun, parties and a good summer business.

JOIN THEM!  Book a park or beach party.  Gather moms together and meet at the park. Make a theme out of it; i.e., Picnic in the Park ... the Host supplies the picnic and you do the Vessel party in the park.
Consider other ideas for summer-themed parties:
  1. Pool Party: Hold the party around a pool.  Get a small plastic play pool and fill it with ice and drinks. You might even have a swimsuit contest! (Or encourage people to wear one and be cool)
  2. Pina Colada Party
  3. Strawberry Daiquiri Party
  4. Margarita Party
  5. Build your own Sundaes: Host provides the ice cream and the guests bring toppings.
  6. Wine & Cheese Party: Host serves wine and cheese.
  7. Saturday Brunches: While the air is still cool, have a morning brunch or tea. Have guests bring their favorite recipe and sample to share.
  8. Summer Sizzle: Have guests bring their favorite way to cool down to the party and let all judge whose idea is the coolest.
  9. Summer Salads: Ask each guest to bring their favorite summer salad recipe to exchange, along with samples
  10. Patio Party: Have a party outside on the patio.  Serve nice tall glasses of lemonade.
  11. Garden Party: Have the show in someone's garden.  Have every guest wear their garden hat or big floppy hat.
  12. June is Strawberry month ... serve strawberry shortcake!
  13. Very Berry Party: Make berry desserts or berry topping for cheesecake or ice cream
  14. Red, White, and Blue Party: Have everyone come dressed in their favorite patriotic outfit. Serve Red, White and Blue dessert. 
 When we change our thoughts from the typical indoor party, and move it outdoors, we have a lot to offer our Hosts.  Summer means fun, outside activity, and get togethers!  Why not "Get together with Vessel!"  How easy is that for the Host?  They are most likely planning a picnic in the park at some point anyway.  You just bring the jewelry and........boom, you have a party on your calendar!
What?  You don't have any parties on your calendar?  Great, book a party yourself at a park, and make it a picnic.  Call your friends, have them bring a lunch, let the kids play, and you are on a roll to building your summer business.
Remember that in the summer, more so than any other time of year, people want to have fun.  This makes for a great sizzling summer business!

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