Friday, February 1, 2013

February Promotion for your Vessel Business Growth by Dioni Morales

Today is the first day of the second month of the year. We usually use the first weeks of a New Year to set goals, and I'm sure many of you have done that already. If like many women, your goals include some or all of the following: make more money, be your own boss, spend more with your family, start saving for your children's college tuition, start saving for the trip of your dreams, or the house of your dreams, etc.;  we want to invite you to consider making the Vessel business part of your goals for this year and perhaps for the rest of your life. Now, because 64% of people have already given up on their goals by Day 30, we promise you we will always be here to guide and help you with your business. 

We just published the very competitive and attractive Vessel Compensation Plan, you can check it out at:

You will see that Vessel offers different ways to make as much money as you want to add to your monthly income and even enough money to make all your dreams come to live, it's up to you and the time and effort you want to invest in your Vessel Business.  To help you with your business growth, we will set monthly goals and to motivate you we will have Promotions that will reward you for the achievement of your goals.  

The goal for the month of February is to sign up as a Stylist and then get at least one more Stylist in your organization, to begin the Duplication process which is the key in this business. Think about 5 to 10 ladies that you can sit down with and present the Vessel opportunity to, whether in person, if they are close to you, or on the phone or via Skype if they are in a different city. Let them know how excited you are and show them the jewelry in person, if you have purchased the kit, or have them look at it on a brochure or online. 

To reward you,Vessel will give you the following:

* Every Stylist that signs up one new Stylist by February 28th receives an 18" White Leatherette T-Bar Necklace Display, perfect for displaying the chains and lockets at your Home Parties.  

* Every Stylist that signs up a second Stylist by February 28th also receives a 12" White Leatherette T-Bar Necklace Display, perfect for displaying the ribbon and cord necklaces. This way you can have the set of two T-Bars, which will give a great and fancy look to your Home Parties. 

Important Note: In order for a Stylist to receive the T-Bars, her newly recruited Stylists must purchase the Stylist Kit during the month of February. For example, the new Stylist can send her Stylist Agreement on February 5th, and can purchase the kit later on the month, as long as she buys the Kit before February 28th, they will count for the promotion. Now, if you find a new Stylist for your team that cannot afford her Kit at this time, do not discourage her from signing up.  She can still get the Stylist Packet at a cost of $10 plus shipping, which contains all the paperwork needed to have a Home Party, plus a mini-set of ScentSpheres with all of our fragrances.  

I truly hope you are encouraged to start your Vessel business this month, and to start your business, you have to think about your team, people you will like to help be successful with you, people that will be an asset to your organization, people that you will enjoy working with.

February is the month to get that ball rolling, what do you think? Will you take the challenge?

Start dreaming my friends!

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