Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Simple explanation of Network Marketing and Why it Works by: Dioni Morales

Hello my Vessel friends. Today let's talk briefly about Network Marketing.  Yes, it is the business of the future, more and more products will find their way to consumers via people-to-people, mouth-to-mouth. Instead of the traditional way, Factory - Warehouse - Transportation - Store - Advertising - Consumer; it goes straight from the factory to the consumer, saving all the cost in between, and that's how you get your commissions. This is a very simple way of explaining where the big money comes from. 

Why does it work? Because studies show that 78% of consumers trust the opinion and endorsements of friends, while only 14% trust TV ads.

Who does it work for? Everyone. How many times have you recommended a restaurant, a movie, a hairdresser, etc, and you have never been paid a commission for it? Bingo, here you do, and you can actually make very good money. 

How does it work?  It's called, residual income. Most network marketing businesses will pay you a commission on all sales from those consumers you once signed up and most importantly, those who those same individuals signed up as well.  So this is the Magic, you will be getting paid commissions forever for ALL these people, and trust me, it ADDS UP!!!

This is why Network Marketing creates more millionaires than any other industry, and that's a fact. Now, do you want to join the list of new millionaires? Let's do it then!

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