Friday, January 18, 2013

First Blog from Dioni Morales - National Sales Manager

Hello my Vessel friends, I am so excited to start with you on this journey that will change our lives forever. Last week was my official first days of work as I met for two entire days with Susan and Karen and it all became so real. What I've been hearing about for over a year; the beautiful jewelry, the incredible compensation plan, but most importantly the dream, all became palpable. As I sat down with them both, we talked about their ideas, their goals and where they want to take this company and all of us with it, and let me warn you, GET READY FOR THE RIDE! 

I've been involved with this industry, meaning the industry where you move an excellent product on a people-to-people basis, for over a decade and a half, and I have learned a lot, but today I want to just talk about one thing I've learned... I would never do anything else for a living! I'll explain why.  I've worked in Corporate America, I loved it (for the time being), I thought I had achieved my dreams, I even got to have the coveted corner office and mine happened to have the best view from the building of the Rocky Mountains. However, the more I learned about the freedom that this industry offers, the more I started seeing things that otherwise I might have overlooked. Corporate America can be a tough world, especially for a woman.  I had many bosses, some wonderful, some trying to do their best and some just right down awful.  I won't go into details of all my experiences, but having them is what made me not want to have a boss anymore, ever again.  I once heard a girl saying that she learned that when the company she worked for made good sales all that happened was that the owner's daughter got a $300 pair of new boots. I thought it was so funny, but it made me remember one year when the owners of the company that I worked with at the time, all wonderful human beings, announced that there would be no salary increases for anyone due to the foreseen economic crisis, hence the uncertainty of how many clients will renew their contracts, etc. However, just six months later we had an employee meeting where they happily told us that the goals were not only reached but surpassed, and there was a lot of clapping and "high fiving", but all I could think about was: "Well, where is our salary increase? Can't you do a mid-year salary increase?" But they didn't and people just kept on working hard to reach and surpass even more goals. 

Working with my schedule is another important reason why I love this business. I am the mother of 3 year old twin girls. They were born prematurely and were on monitors for 4 months and I could not even fathom the idea of going back to a full time job and missing any part of their young lives and entrusting their lives and health to others.  I am grateful that I knew enough about this business to be able to make the decision to quit Corporate America. As women and/or mothers, we all have different reasons to want to get involved with this type of business: whether you want to make a little bit of extra money to help the family; you are tired of working for someone else; you want to start saving for your kids college tuition; or you have big dreams of being a business owner and making big money with very little investment and no risk... you name it, this business is for anybody and everybody. 
In this industry, you are the boss, this is your business, if sales go up, no one but you gets that money, just the way it should be. This is why if you're anything like me, you want to work on your own terms, you want to be rewarded for YOUR job, and the job of those who YOU help, and you also want the freedom to do it in your own time.  This is why I will share my experiences with you to help, guide and motivate you to get as far as you decide you want to go. Once again, you're the boss, and being the boss, it's YOU and only YOU who decides the amount on that check you take to the bank. 



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