Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions, Part 2

We have been receiving a good deal of positive feedback regarding Dioni Morales joining the Vessel team as National Sales Manager!  We are so excited to have someone as talented and experienced as Dioni on board, and to be able to provide improved service to our Vessel Stylists as they begin to build their businesses.  Remember, Dioni has actual field experience building a downline ... AND helping you build yours is her main job.  So please don't ever hesitate to let her know if you have questions or would like assistance with anything.
As the Vessel business starts ramping up, we find that we have some additional questions coming up on a fairly regular basis.  As you hopefully know, our website contains an "FAQ" page, but some of the more recent questions are not on that page.  I'd like to take a moment to offer a few additional clarifications. 
Size of lockets
Many Stylists have expressed surprise at the size of some of the lockets once they receive their kit.  The photos of the lockets on the website are a bit misleading, in that the lockets all appear to be about the same size.  In fact, the sizes vary by quite a bit.  If you hold your cursor over each photo, a little sub-menu will appear which gives details about the actual size of the locket, as well as the finish.  The same is true of the chains, where the sub-menu will give information about the length of the chain and the finish. 
Special discount for Stylists
Hopefully all Vessel Stylists know this already, but we offer a one-time opportunity for Stylists to purchase ONE of each item NOT included in the Pre-Launch Stylist Kit at a 50% discount from the retail price.  As we have mentioned before, our Pre-Launch Stylist Kit is an excellent value, containing one of each of our styles.  If you would like to have a certain chain or locket in all the finishes, for example, you would be able to do so with this special discount.  Again, this is only intended for any item that you did not get in the kit, and does not apply to the charms or the ScentSpheres, since you already get one of each one of those items.  Also, this special discount is limited to the first 30 days after you join. 
When we begin issuing new styles, all Stylists will also have the opportunity to purchase ONE of each at the 50% discount.  Again, this will be limited to the first 30 days after the new style is introduced.  We will always announce new styles on our website, on this blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter. 
Finally, please be aware that the packaging of these special discount items will be the same as in the Kit; i.e., in plastic self-seal bags.
Purchase of additional sales aid materials
If you are interested in obtaining additional sales aid materials (order forms, Product Guide, etc.), there are two ways to do so:
  • Go to the Vessel online store (either by clicking the button on the Vessel website, or directly at http://store.vesselscentsofstyle.com/) and order there.
  •  Go to the "sales aides" page on the website, where you will find pdf versions of all of our materials, which you can print as needed.  Please be aware, however, that you are required to give your customer two copies of each order form, and you will want to retain a copy for yourself.
Notice about the ScentSphere™ Shapes 
You may have noticed that the shape ScentSpheres are actually a bit smaller than the round versions.  That fact, plus the fact that the surface area of the shape ScentSpheres is flatter, means that they could fall out of the following three lockets: the Rectangle, the Diamond, and the Teardrop.  The round ScentSpheres will be best for these lockets. 
New Hostess Rewards Special Incentive
Now through February 28, 2013, we will offer all customers who host a Vessel party a complete set of hair/lapel clip flowers for simply hosting the party. That's right ... regardless of how the party turns out relative to sales volume, they will get this set! They will also receive Vessel's incredible Hostess Rewards based on reaching minimum sales levels. Of course, they must actually hold the party in order to receive the special incentive.

We will post additional "frequently asked questions" to this blog as we receive them.  But please feel free to also call us at any time with your questions!



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