Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Story Matters

In my June 2014 blog post I talked about the five Vessel “Scents” that convey our guiding principles and a sense of place and purpose for all those involved with Vessel. One of these guiding principles, “Scents of Service”, motivates us to contribute in meaningful ways to our society and those around us. We serve each other and support women and girl related charitable causes. One such charity is My Story Matters.

The mission of My Story Matters, founded by Amy Chandler, is "giving the gift of story to individuals in need by publishing uplifting, inspiring and motivational stories of faith, courage and talent for individuals who could not otherwise do so for themselves."  Amy is a wonderful woman with a heart of gold. She is an inspiration to me with the unceasing service she provides to family, friends, acquaintances and strangers.

Vessel partners with My Story Matters on their Angel Series.  As described by My Story Matters, “Our Angel Series is dedicated to preserving the life story of those sweet spirits who left this earth at a young age. We will focus on the lives of children who died before the age of 12. Although their stay with us was brief they definitely leave a lasting impression on all those they came in contact with.” My Story Matters provides a beautiful storybook to the families who have lost a child, and Vessel contributes to the mother a scented jewelry set, including the birthstone of her sweet child that passed away.

Here are a few notes of thanks we have received from these dear mothers and families:

“Dear Vessel, A package arrived at our house from My Story Matters last Saturday. Inside the package were a book about my daughter who passed away and a beautiful necklace! Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. It touched my hear to think that someone is trying to cheer me up. The scent is very calming, and also reminds me of my daughter who used to love scented lotions. Thank you very much for the wonderful surprise gift!”

“Dear Vessel, How generous of you to donate the necklace. Very special. Thank you for your compassion and kindness.”

“Dear Vessel, Thank you for the absolutely beautiful necklace to help our hearts when we remember our precious son. Your gift was a surprise to us and has such significant meaning to us. Thank you again for your kindness and selflessness.”

We are so grateful to My Story Matters for letting Vessel be involved in a small way in the special service they provide to these beloved families. For more information, to donate time, materials or money, or to nominate someone for a story book, please see the My Story Matters website. As we continue to work with My Story Matters, we pray for those families who loose a precious child, and hope to offer a special sense of remembrance with a piece of Vessel scented jewelry.

With love,


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