Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Destination Ruby: Make the Perfect Pitch

by: Dioni Morales, Director of Stylists Services

I believe all of you have one goal in common: Ruby! Of course you want to be part of the Founder's Club. To reach that goal, you need to sign up new Stylists who also want to grow their business. For you to get those Stylists, you need to give them the "Perfect Pitch."

A great leader from Australia, who I had the opportunity to hear a few months back, talked about the "Pitch" -  those few choice words that must be practiced and perfected, because most times you will only have a few minutes to grab someone's attention.  It might sound like a clichĂ©, but it will always be true that the first impression is always the most important.

Here are a few tips to create your own personal Perfect Pitch.

The Do's:
  • Keep your goals in mind.
  • Quality will always out-perform quantity.
  • Have the right mind-set

The Don'ts:

  • Don't pitch within your comfort zone - you are not looking for the many, you're looking for the qualified few.
  • Never edit your pitch: stick to the full story.

The How's: 
  • There are four parts to the pitch. Your pitch should include: 
    1. Products
    2. Company
    3. Opportunity
    4. You
  • Tips to work on when practicing to perfect your pitch:
    • Your enthusiasm
    • Your belief
    • Find out their hot point
    • People buy YOU
    • Seek referrals

Remember, cover all the bases but focus on what interests THEM the most. Your pitch will really influence the quality of people who join your team.  When you pitch only the product, you will get customers.  But when you pitch the opportunity as well, you will get entrepreneurs.  And that, my dear friends, is how you get to Ruby!

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