Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Color Your World

Think of a world without color. With no variety or diversity in our surroundings we would no doubt soon tire of a dull, dreary environment. Thank goodness for color and the wonderful function it has in our life. The colors we surround ourselves with can help us feel happiness and joy. Color can inspire and motivate us. And our color choices show our personal style.   

The company Pantone is the global authority on color, inspiring artists, designers and stylists to color the world. Twice a year Pantone unveils the top seasonal colors, and each year selects a “color of the year”.  These are the colors that provide the inspiration for fashion and design. Just look at how many of our Vessel ScentSpheres match the top Pantone colors for the past several years. These are just a few of our ScentSphere color options.

Hot Pink


Leaf Green


Light Blue







Vessel ScentSpheres are a perfect way to bring color into your style choices. They can help accentuate the colors in your clothing, or add a pop of color into a neutral palette.  A variety of ScentSpheres allows you to change one piece of jewelry into multiple looks. So instead of the need for a different piece of jewelry to match every outfit, you can simply change out your ScentSpheres to complement whatever you wear. Continue to add our beautiful range of ScentSpheres in our fashionable, on-trend color choices. Think about ScentSpheres as a vital piece of your wardrobe, and an ideal way to color your world.

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