Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pricey Perfumes versus Vessel Scents

Many a woman, perhaps yourself included, has had this experience…

While perusing the department store perfume counters, you paid a high price for a fine fragrance because you fell in love with the gorgeous, expensive package - and thought you also loved the scent - only to discover after taking it home and using it a few times that it made a nice decoration on your bathroom counter, but you really didn't care for the scent after all. But with those pricey perfumes, it's hard for you to justify the purchase of a new fragrance to take the place of the one you don't really like. So you continue using a fragrance that you dislike because, by darn you're going to get your money's worth out of that purchase!

Perfume problem solved!

The versatility of Vessel scents allows a quick and easy change of fragrance at any time, so you don't have to grudgingly use every last drop of an expensive perfume that you don't much care for before rationalizing the purchase of a new one. You can purchase a set of ScentSpheres in each of Vessel's 12 fine fragrances for far less than the cost of many perfumes. And now, instead of being limited to the same scent, you have a wide range of lovely scents to choose from at any time. 

With Vessel, you also have the flexibility to change your fragrance and style from day to night or for different occasions...whether at the office during the day then a romantic dinner and dancing date later that night...or PTA, soccer games and music lessons throughout the day and then a well-deserved quiet evening out with a friend. 

When it comes to pricey perfumes versus Vessel scents, choose Vessel for flexibility, versatility and selection of fine fragrance.

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