Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vessel's Committment to Quality

We have had several questions lately about the metals in our jewelry, and about our Lifetime Guarantee.  Hopefully the following information answers your questions.  Be sure to check regularly on the FAQ section of the website (www.VesselScentsofStyle.com) when you have questions, as you are quite likely to find an answer there!

What are Vessel's metal pieces made of? 
Vessel jewelry should be considered fashion jewelry (also known as "costume jewelry").  Fashion jewelry will typically have a "base metal" and then a "plating" on top of that base metal.  We have a mixture of pieces with a base metal of copper, and also some with a base metal of zinc alloy (we are transitioning to zinc alloy).  An "alloy" simply means that it is a mixture of various metals.  The plating of each finish is also an alloy, and the combination of metals in each finish alloy plating is dependent upon that finish.  We do not use precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum, and our prices reflect this. 

Vessel's jewelry is lead and nickel safe. 

What are the ScentSpheres made of?
The ScentSpheres are made of absorbent polymer clay.  Eventually the scent will dissipate, and you can simply purchase new sets.  You can also use your own perfume or essential oils on unscented ScentSpheres.  The perfume will likely dissipate faster because commercial perfumes have a high alcohol content.  Essential oils may cause a change in color on the bead, depending on the oil used.  Most essential oil users prefer to apply the oils frequently to the ScentSpheres for maximum benefit.

What does "Lifetime Guarantee" mean?
Here is Vessel's Guarantee (which can be found in our FAQ section on the website):
  • The guarantee covers manufacturer’s defects.  It does not cover: 1) normal wear and tear, 2) slight irregularities of design or color; 3) accidental damage.  Metal Lockets and metal Chains covered by this guarantee are repaired or replaced at no cost if returned within 120 days of purchase.  If returned more than 120 days after purchase, a minimal shipping and handling fee will apply.
  • All other items (i.e., Ribbon and Cord Necklaces, Flowers, Charms) are repaired or replaced at no cost if returned within 60 days of purchase.  After 60 days, no further warranty applies.  
  • The guarantee does not apply to scent inserts.
  • The guarantee applies only to the original purchaser and requires proof of purchase.
  • If an item is not repairable (at the Company’s discretion) or an incorrect item was sent, it will be replaced with the same, new item.
  • If the customer wishes to replace the item with another item, she/he may do so for an item of equal or lesser value.  If a more expensive item is selected, the customer must pay the difference.
  • If the item is returned by a customer, the customer must contact the Company for a return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and enclose the original shipping invoice with the returned item.
  • This product guarantee does not apply to products damaged by abuse or misuse, or to product damaged in shipping.  If an item is damaged in shipping, the customer must contact the shipper.
  • You should take care of your Vessel jewelry.  This includes storing it properly, keeping personal care products, cleaners, etc. off your pieces, avoiding submersion in water (especially chlorinated swimming pools or sea water), for example.  Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning, and first thing you take off at night.

How do I return a damaged piece?
You can obtain a replacement in one of two ways:
  • Return the damaged piece(s) to Vessel at 988 North 600 East, Springville, UT  84663.  PLEASE be sure to use a padded envelope or wrap the pieces so that they are not damaged or fall out during shipment.  First contact Vessel at 888-966-8775 or send an email to stylistservices@vesselscentsofstyle.com and get an RMA number.  Once we received the damaged piece(s), we will send you the replacement(s), along with a gift as reimbursement for postage.

Karen and I are absolutely committed to continually improving our product line, and we are working with current and new suppliers to address quality issues as quickly as possible as they come up. 
As much as we strive and work toward the ideal of perfect products, the actor Michael J. Fox said it best when he said, "I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection.  Excellence I can reach for; perfection is God's business." 

To your success!


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  1. I love my Vessel aromatherapy biz! This jewelry makes fashion scents!