Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Favorites at the Academy Awards Gifting Suite

We had so much fun at the Academy Awards Gifting Suite, I guess I wanted to draw it out just a bit longer!

So I decided to make a list of some of my favorite celebrities:

 Comedian Bill Engvall - pretty funny in person too!

 Caitlin Carmichael - she was SO cute, positive and polite, and just the most petite girl you ever saw!

 Carolyn Hennesy - I just love her character on "Cougar Town" - she's the only true cougar on it!

 Dee Wallace, better known to many as the mom on "ET" (and of course our own gorgeous Dioni)

 Edie McClurg, best known right now for her voice work on "Frozen" but she's done a ton of other stuff.

 Back in the day (the Luke and Laura days to be precise) I was a huge fan of "General Hospital."  If you were too you might recognize Bobbie - Jackie Zeman

  I confess I still haven't seen "Dallas Buyers Club" but James Dumont (here with his cute daughter) was just really a nice guy.

 I guess you have to be a certain age to remember the "Laugh In" days, but I am and I do, and I always absolutely loved Joanne Worley.  She's still as bubbly as ever!

 Another actor I haven't necessarily followed, but liked very much in person - Mark Ryan.  And his girlfriend contacted us later to get another set!

The legendary Mickey Rooney ... what an honor.

 She didn't have her hubby with her, but Rachel Reilly has been on two seasons of one my favorite shows, the "Amazing Race," including the current season.  She seemed pretty bratty on the show, but she's actually VERY nice!  

Todd Sherry appears on another favorite, "Suburgatory."

It was a great experience, and hopefully we'll spy a Vessel set here or there on the celebrities we met (or their wives!) as they are out and about.  I can tell you that we were one of the most popular booths there.  

We met MANY other celebrities ... check out YOUR favorites at http://www.vesselscentsofstyle.com/#!academy-awards/c20sw!

To Your Success!


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