Thursday, January 30, 2014

Party Strategies

If you are a Vessel Stylist, you hopefully have seen Dioni's training materials on the importance of making a comprehensive list of your contacts as a first step in building your Vessel business.  This list is further categorized as to whether the person is potentially a Customer, a Host, would be interested in the Business, or could provide a Referral ... or any combination of these categories. 

In our experience, what usually happens when a Stylist first joins Vessel is that she herself hosts a Vessel party.  This is certainly a comfortable thing to do, but here's another approach to consider. 

Think of the people you would have invited to your party.  Divide them into the various social circles in which you know them.  For example, there could be a group from your neighborhood, another group of church members, another group that consists of your family members, etc.  Obviously there will be some cross-over, especially in small towns.  But the point is to identify as many distinct groups as you can. 

Once you have identified those groups, select the person in that group who would be most receptive to doing a party for you.  Encourage that person to invite all the other members of your mutual social group (neighbors, church, work, etc.), BUT also to invite as diverse a group as they can come up with.  What you want them to do is to include people from all different areas of their lives.

The advantages of this system are two-fold.

First, by segregating your own social groups, you can hopefully avoid this situation: You're having a wonderful party, everyone is laughing and having a good time ... but when it comes time to ask people to host a party, your guests look around the room and see all the same people they would invite to a party.  And they think: why bother?  By trying the approach above, when conversation turns to hosting a party, your contacts can automatically think of the other members of the mutual social group as potential guests at their own party. 

And by working with them to also invite people from a wide array of their own social circles, there will be additional fresh groups to mine for Hostesses, and for potential Stylists. 

Another way to accomplish the same goal would be to go ahead and host your own party, but make a point of only inviting one or two people from each of your various social circles.

What you want to cultivate is a diversity of party guests in order to maximize party bookings.

What great ideas do you have for booking parties?  Write to us at and let us know!  We'd love to create a sharing forum for all things Vessel. 

To your success!



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