Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Success Within Reach with Vessel's Road Map!

by: Dioni Marie Morales, National Sales Manager

Since this is my first official communication to you in this new year, I want to express my wish that you all have the opportunity to make all your dreams come true in 2014. Only YOU can make this your year!  It's never luck (unless you win the lottery ... and even then you have to go out and buy a ticket).  Your success is what you make of it.  It's what you make of all the opportunities that come your way.

Vessel would like to offer something that we know will help you with your business. We have been working on the creation of this marketing piece for the last couple of months, and we are now ready to announce that you will soon have it in your hands.

We call it the Vessel Road Map. The Road Map is a concise summary of the critical steps that need to be taken in order to create a successful Vessel business. It includes:

  • Guidance to develop and document your "Whys" and your "Goals."  It is critical that you actually write these down.  You need to keep in mind what has motivated you to embark on this venture. And when you sign up a new Stylist, you should sit down with that person and do this together.  If you know what their goals are, you can work together to achieve them.  It brings to mind a quote I heard - "If you help the people on your team make their dreams come true, you don't have to worry about your own dreams.  They will come true in the process." 
  • Contact List: it has the space for you and your Stylists to write the top 25 people that come to mind, with a space to write if each would be interested as a Customer, a Host, in the Business opportunity, or for Referrals
  • A summary of the 90 Day Action Plan.
  • The three critical steps to accomplish in the first days/weeks of your business.
  • Tips on how to have a successful home party.
  • How to present the business opportunity.

This brochure will be available at the end of January for purchase, and will be added to the Stylist Kits.  We will send some to all current Stylists free of charge.  We will also place the document on the Vessel website in the very near future so that you can download it for free. 

We hope that you will all find this Road Map to be a useful tool in building your Vessel business. 

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