Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Take Your Vessel Business on a Quantum Leap!!

by: Dioni Morales, Director of Stylist Services

I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to attend a convention where there were people representing more than 80 different Direct Selling companies from around the world. The meetings were structured so that participants could learn from those who have "made it" on this business and are now earning millions of dollars annually.

I love to learn, and when I have an opportunity like this I take notes until my hands actually hurt.  As they say: "Success leaves clues."  I was not about to miss the chance to learn from these successful leaders so that I could share it with all of you. So that's what I will be doing during my next few blog posts.

I want to start by sharing some information given by Dr. Gloria Mayfield Banks, a Harvard graduate and author who has appeared on CNN and CNBC, and has been interviewed by Oprah.  She has also been featured on magazines such as Fortune, Glamour, Ebony, among others.  Most importantly, she has made millions in direct sales and is still working her business.

She gave us Ten Steps to have a "Quantum Leap": 

1. Make a Decision
You need to make a strong and definite decision to do this!  It cannot be a "maybe," it cannot be a "let's see what happens."  It has to be "I will give this 100% of my focus!"

2. Have Confidence:
You must become a powerful person of confidence. Your confidence draws people to you, and gives other people confidence as well.

3. Vision, Imagination & Belief:
You have to see it before it happens. Discouragement, rejection, mistakes, pain, failure, etc. can take your Vision away.  You need to regain it.

4. Time, Money, Emotional and Skills Management:
You need to take charge of every aspect of your life. Get your house in order. This will all help you grow your business.

5. Go Steady:
Go for it.  Don't stop! There's no time for breaks here.

6. Work on your Image:
You have 7 seconds to make a good impression, and you will never have another chance to make a good first impression.

7. Passion:
Different things move different people. Passion with purpose will drive you.

8. Discipline and Hustle:
This is where your WHY comes in.  You should not stop until you get to your WHY.

9. Your People Skills:
Be kind, generous and friendly.  Pay attention to your people skills and your leadership skills.  The number one reason others will join your team is how you make them feel.

10. Short Term Sacrifice for Long Term Success:
Short term is what you have to do for a little while in order to get the results you want over the long term. You have to take your short-term efforts to a level you have never attempted before.

I love these ten steps as a way to examine oneself and one's business, to see how we're doing on our path to success. My suggestion is that you grade yourself from 1 to 10 in each of this topics.  Work on getting to a 10 on each! I can assure you that the day that you grade yourself a 10 on each of these ten steps is the day that you will take that Quantum Leap to Diamond!

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