Tuesday, November 24, 2015

10 Tips for Great Holiday Sales

Some people have been preparing for months; others will wait until the last possible moment.  But, for better or for worse, the Christmas shopping season is upon all of us.  If we remember to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, we can be of service AND ring up some pretty decent sales through the rest of the season. 

Here are some tips to better holiday sales:

  1. Something extra for the giver:  I don't know about you, but holiday shopping can stress me out.  Why not offer a coupon for a free donut from the local bakery or something similar with each purchase? 
  2. Offer free gift wrapping: This costs very little, and is appreciated by all.
  3. Reach out to men:  Guys sometimes need a little help coming up with a gift their sweetheart, mom, sister, and/or daughters would love.  Vessel is that unique gift!  So help them customize a Vessel set that will speak to their loved one. 
  4. Promote the holiday spirit:  You can hold a holiday open house in which a percentage - or even all - of the profit from the party will go to a favorite charity.  Or you can tell customers all season long that a certain portion of each sale will go to a worthwhile cause.
  5. Have one or more Mystery Hostess parties:  Tracy has talked about Mystery Hostess parties before as a way to jump start your sales and hostess leads.  The concept is simple: YOU host a Vessel party.  Let attendees know that a Mystery Hostess will be chosen from those who attend, and that person will receive all the Host rewards for the party.  You can also give additional entries to those who bring guests, or who buy a certain amount at the party, or if they book a party of their own. 
  6. Make yourself available:  Everyone is so busy during the holidays!  If you can be a bit more flexible with your time, you might find yourself with a few additional parties. 
  7. Holiday Gift Ideas:  Come up with your own selection designed to help busy shoppers.  Categories could include Stocking Stuffers, Gifts Under $25, Sweetheart Gifts, etc.  Create cute sets, and be sure to include some charms for bling!  When people see these sets put together they go crazy for them!  We've recently seen a lot of success from Stylists utilizing a "Frozen" theme.  Other set themes could be Love (heart lockets, ScentSpheres and charms), Christmas (lots of red and green), Fall (copper pieces, earth tones), Favorite Team (team colors and sports charm of choice) .... the list goes on and on.  This is where Vessel shines ... the ability to create such a personalized piece of jewelry. 
  8. Who else would like this?  If a customer has a person in mind for a gift, chances are there are other loved ones who would love something similar.
  9. Upselling:  We all know about upselling.  And you can't be overly obnoxious about it.  But our charms and ScentSpheres provide the perfect upselling opportunity!  Few can resist how just the right charm really makes the set complete ... you just have to show them.  And make sure you emphasize how awesome it is to have an array of ScentSpheres colors to go with the different pieces in their wardrobe.  Personally, I think this factor is one of the best things about Vessel. 
  10. Holiday postcards:  Buy inexpensive holiday themed postcards, or you can even cut off the front of cards you received in prior years.  Mail them to your neighbors, family and friends to let them know you have the perfect gift for the loved ones on their list.  Include the Vessel store website address and your Stylist ID number so that you get credit if they buy. 

What ideas do YOU have for having a great holiday season for your Vessel business?  Feel free to share your ideas (susan@vesselscentsofstyle.com). 

To Your Success!


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