Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Why Direct Sales? Why Vessel?

If you or someone you know has ever wondered about the validity of joining a direct sales company, keep reading!  The old notion that direct sales companies are nothing more than scams or "pyramid" schemes has been proven wrong by decades of successful results from a multitude of direct sales companies selling a vast array of services and products.  "Personal selling" is now considered mainstream, and a buying method preferred by more and more consumers. 

The DSA (Direct Selling Association) just reported that "direct selling the U.S. has risen to record highs in both estimated retail sales ($34.47 billion) and number of people involved in direct selling (18.2 million)."  This is an increase of 5.5% over 2013 retail sales, and an increase of 8.3% over 2013 number of participants who sell this way. 

Certainly, the recent "Great Recession" has been a contributing factor.  Direct sales offers the unemployed a low cost way to go into business for themselves, giving them the ability to create a perfect work/personal life balance and to control their professional destiny.  And, even though the unemployment rate has thankfully declined in recent months, the "underemployed (discouraged, marginally attached, and part-time workers) has decreased at a slower rate and is still above pre-recession levels." 

Another factor is the number of Baby Boomers beginning to close in on retirement age.  Some want to develop a supplemental income stream to ease themselves into retirement; others want the chance, however late in life, to find work that they truly enjoy.

Stay-at-home parents are looking for ways to keep their families a priority but still bring income into the home.  With direct sales, they can determine the hours that are convenient for them, instead of being constrained by a set schedule. 

People of all ages and situations sometimes need an extra income that can be generated at home and in their spare time. 

Young people want more autonomy and control in their work.  Gone are the days of working for the same company for 40 years and retiring with a gold watch.  Absolute loyalty to specific companies has declined, both on the part of employers and of employees.

And let's not forget the customer, who in today's uber-connected world appreciates the convenience and personal touch of buying products and services through this model.  Whether it's the ability to Facebook a friend to place a skin care order, or attending a fun Vessel party with family and friends, consumers are definitely gravitating toward the direct sales model. 

So, why Vessel?

First and foremost, of course, are your personal "why's" - which could range anywhere from needing a supplemental income or perhaps enough money to make a new car payment, to wanting to build your own business, to desiring recognition for your efforts.  The most important reason is YOUR reason.   

Once you have decided to join a direct sales company, here are just a few ways in which Vessel is a compelling choice:

  • Vessel offers a compelling and new product concept.  You WILL be approached when you wear it!
  • The market is completely unsaturated and wide open.  You have a very good chance of being the first Vessel Stylist in your area.
  • Combined with the first two points, you also have the opportunity of getting in on the ground floor of a company that has a unique product and a market that is not filled with similar companies. 
  • Vessel has a strong compensation plan which rewards you for each of the 5 Golden Behaviors of successful direct sellers. 
  • Vessel offers the opportunity to become part of our Founders Club.
  • Vessel has a Fast Start Bonus, rank advancement bonuses, and many others! 
  • We provide amazing training, including regular conference calls, one-on-one coaching calls, and the opportunity to participate in our Leadership Class if qualified. 
  • Vessel has a Direct Hire program that offers immediate recognition for those experienced direct sellers looking for a new home. 
This is just a partial list of Vessel's unique offering.  For a more complete list see our Compensation Plan Unique Points on the Vessel website (www.vesselscentsofstyle.com). 

If you or someone you know has been looking for a new and unique company, your search is over!  Vessel offers everything you've been looking for. 

To Your Success!


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