Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Vessel's Direct Hire and Leadership Referral Programs

Just recently, our first Direct Hire Leader joined Vessel.  Amy Neville brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Vessel, and we are expecting great success from her.

So what is Direct Hire?

Direct Hire is for those experienced and knowledgeable direct sales professionals, like Amy, who (for whatever reason) are looking for a new direct sales "home," where they can build a new team.  Most importantly, they have demonstrated the ability to build large teams quickly.

There could be any number of reasons that they are leaving their prior company, but typically what this professional is looking for is: 1) a unique product; 2) a non-saturated market; and 3) a ground floor opportunity.  And, as you hopefully are well aware, Vessel has all three of these attributes. 

They are also looking for a good compensation plan that rewards their skills in sales and recruiting.  Vessel's plan was developed by the premiere compensation plan designer in the industry, and we believe it's one of the best plans in the industry.

When someone is brought in through the Direct Hire program, they are "given" the Vessel rank corresponding to what they had achieved at their prior company or companies.  However, they are also given very stringent goals in exchange for the title we give them from the start, and a limited timeframe in which to achieve these goals.  It is safe to say that we expect strong performance from our Direct Hires, and we reward them accordingly.  We interview them thoroughly to determine the extent of their actual experience and knowledge.  This program is definitely not for just anyone.

One of the huge benefits of this program is that if the Direct Hire Leader meets the goals in the timeframe given, they are ahead of the game in meeting the goal of becoming a Founders Club member by June 30, 2016.  But, as a reminder to ALL Vessel Stylists, everyone still has a chance of being included in the Founders Club.  Reach the rank of Ruby Director by June 30, 2016, and you're IN!  Being a member of the Founders Club is not only extremely prestigious (and you will forever be one of our VIPs), it is also about the ability to participate in a Founders Club bonus pool if you meet basic requirements. 

What does Vessel get out of the Direct Hire program?  First and foremost, we get professional, skilled network marketers who can help us continue to build upon the momentum we have created thus far, in as quick a manner as possible.  We gain access to the contacts these people have built over their career, as well as their leadership experience. 

The program also benefits current Vessel Stylists by providing more buzz and exposure to Vessel.  But here's a much more concrete way in which current Vessel Stylists can benefit from the Direct Hire program ... which is our Leadership Referral opportunity.  If you are a Vessel Stylist and you happen to know someone who might be a good fit for the Direct Hire program, refer them to us!  If we determine that they are, in fact, a good Direct Hire choice for Vessel, you will get 2% of that person's Team Volume forever!  If the new Direct Hire is an industry heavy hitter, that could be a tremendous amount of income to you ... all for simply referring the person on to us. 

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