Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Your Vision, Your BIG Picture!

by: Dioni Morales, Director of Stylists Services

Yesterday I returned from  a few days of listening to top leaders/earners in this industry from all over the world, at a convention in Las Vegas. I just love these meetings, and I always take in as much information as I can.  I was writing so quickly I had to rewrite some notes while it was still fresh in my mind, and so I could read it! I will be sharing most of it in my next few posts.

One of my favorite topics: Vision. We often confuse "vision" with "goals," and although they are similar, the two are not the same. Both vision and goals provide a picture of an end result. Both are powerful.  The big difference is that goals end once they are reached.  Vision goes on forever.

So what is Vision exactly?

* It is the strategic intent for your business.
* It is the long term picture.
* It is the force behind everything you do.
* It is the results of your daily efforts.
* It is the inspiration for what you do.
* It informs all your decisions.
* It compels you to work through challenges.
* It is what gets you out of bed in the morning and makes you work with passion.
* It is like a string that pulls you forward.

Oprah Winfrey said: "Create the highest, grandest possible vision for your life, because you become what you believe."

How do you create a clear vision?

  • You have to remove your limiting beliefs and your blocks, and that will open up your ability to set goals. (I will give you more details about this in a future post, but for now know that this is part of what is holding you back, and by identifying them they will have no power.)

  • Your vision continues to act as a beacon, guiding you in setting new goals once current ones have been achieved.

  • Goals are the signposts that let you know that you are moving in the right direction towards your vision.

What does a clear vision bring to your business and to your future?:

* Allows you to motivate and inspire others
* Gives direction and purpose
* Inspires enthusiasm and encourages commitment
* Is the key to building huge momentum in your business.

Your vision is the BIG picture, YOUR big picture! It's like when you get on a plane.  When the plane reaches the highest altitudes, all the little details below don't really matter anymore.  It's all left behind and all you see is a great view!

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