Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Plan Ahead NOW to Attend the Vessel Scents of Style Convention!

by Tracy Ralph, National Sales Director

Do you love meeting up with friends, making new friends, and having lots of laughs together?  What about the excitement when you attend workshops and learn how to increase your sales, or find a cool idea about how to keep your calendar full of bookings? Then your passion level rises when you hear how a Stylist just like you recruited 15 people in one month, and you think, “Wow, if they can do it, so can I.”  At this point you are ready to go home and try all the tips she gave you from just this one testimonial.
Then there’s the motivational stuff! You hear the words shared by a speaker, and you are pumped. You get that wonderful feeling inside, knowing you definitely made the right decision to join your company.
How many of you are thinking:

“I’d love to go to Convention but I don’t think I can afford it,” or

“I’d love to go to Convention but I’d have to take time off work,” or

“I’d love to go to Convention but how can I leave the family?”
Convention is about YOU and it is FOR YOU!  It’s about your future and your development in building a strong and profitable direct sales business.
Convention is designed to help you grow personally and professionally and learn from the best in your company.
There is nothing more rewarding than to attend convention with your team! Those late night get-togethers and grabbing quick cups of coffee while racing to your first session. All the fun and laughter with others who love their business just like you.
That’s Convention.  It’s where you get the big picture.  It’s where you will hear that ONE amazing tip you’ve been searching for to move your business forward.  It is the perfect place to build team spirit and bond with other like-minded people.
And the best thing is that with Vessel, you can earn your Convention FREE!  All of it, or part of it, that is up to you!  With our Convention Contest, not only can you earn Convention, but make money while doing it! Whether you earn your Convention, or pay for it, it is a tremendous growth experience in your Vessel business.
Don’t miss the 2015 Convention!  All it takes is planning:
  1. Calculate how many parties it would take to pay for this event - how much in sales per month and/or how many recruits to earn the Convention credit
  2. Pay attention to the early bird registration price!  The $99 fee ends April 1st
  3. Look for inexpensive air fares
  4. Find room mates NOW to split the cost of the hotel
  5. Encourage your team members to attend with you

Don’t let the perceived costs of Convention stop you or your team members from attending because convention is an investment in YOU!  Invest in yourself.  Make a plan and break it down into achievable steps. The rewards will be enormous!
Are you planning to attend the Vessel Convention this year?
What are you willing to do to attend?

How many team members will you be bringing with you?
Let's make this year the year that will change your business at convention!

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