Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Slowdown?

There is a saying, and almost an expectation, in the direct sales industry that the summer months will be slow.  And it is true that summer poses unique challenges in booking parties.  Everyone is busy with vacations, sports teams, family get-togethers, and on and on.  However, there certainly are steps you can take to optimize your business over the summer months! 

For those who say they're just too busy to host a party...there are many ways to accommodate busy schedules.  You can suggest parties outside–at the park, at the pool, or on the deck.  Or opt to do quick lunch time parties in the lunch room, conference room or break room. The hosts and guests will appreciate you honoring their busy schedules. 

There are lots of local fairs, expos and other events in the summer that might make sense to attend - go where the people are!

Be ready to do business while you are on the move by always having your business with you. Create a Business-in-a-box that you can grab as you run out the door that contains all the things you need to make good use of those “stolen minutes”.

You can also take the opportunity to get yourself reorganized and prepared.  Use the time to clear out your work space, organize your files, brainstorm marketing ideas, read relevant articles and business books, etc.  All the things you wish you had time for when things start picking up - now is a good time to do them! 

Whenever you find yourself with waiting time on your hands, bring catalogs to sticker/label or marketing collateral to put together recruiting packets or a bulk mailing. You can multitask; you’re a parent. You multitask all the time. Other parents may be curious what you’re doing and you’ll get work done at the same time.

Here are other ways to make the most of waiting times:

  • Read up on company literature and news.  
  • Carry a calculator so you can process paperwork or close a show.
  • Make return calls to team members and answer questions, offer encouragement and provide mentoring.
  • Make “feel good calls” to potential team members to answer questions.
  • Follow-up on customer inquiries.
  • Write heart-felt thank you notes to customers and hostesses.
  • Check in with hostesses of upcoming parties to see if they have any questions and give them encouragement.

And, as always, simply WEAR your Vessel jewelry!  Make sure you take the time to create a unique jewelry combination to complement your outfit of the day.  That is the competitive advantage of our line (in addition to the ability to wear jewelry and perfume in one fantastic piece) is the ability to so precisely coordinate your outfit and your jewelry every single day, every single outfit.  Take the time to showcase that advantage every time you go out. 

As we all know, one of the best benefits of building your own direct sales business is the ability to meld your work and family life in a better way ... the ability schedule work around your family life rather than the other way around.  So one thing you should consider is the improved ability you have to take your own vacation or attend all those athletic events.  Take advantage of slow times by filling it with personal fun.  This will help you feel refreshed and recharged when you head into the fall season. 

To your success!


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