Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gift Giving Guide for Gentlemen

Gentlemen, if you're looking for great gift ideas for all the women and girls in your life this holiday season, here is your perfect gift-giving guide.

Ladies and girls, if you need to give a little hint about what you want, just refer him here!

For your sweetheart…
Laura Chain, Large Heart Locket,  Pearl, Garnet, and Heart & Key Charms,
Red (Heart) ScentSpheres with Flirty Fruity Fragrance

For your daughter…
White ScentSpheres, Heart Charm,
White ScentSpheres with Berry Kisses Fragrance

For your sister…
White Ribbon/Cord Necklace, Teardrop Locket, Chrysoprase and Snowflake Charms,
Apple Green, Ruby and White ScentSpheres with Sparkling Floral Fragrance

For your mother...
Alexa Chain, Circle Locket, Peridot and Star Charms
Apple Green ScentSpheres, with Vanilla Orchid Splash Fragrance

And don't forget your best furry friends...
Pet Bone Locket, Bone Charm,
Ruby ScentSpheres with Amber Vanilla Fragrance 

Pet Paw Locket, Bone Charm,
Apple Green ScentSpheres with Cucumber Green Tea Fragrance
Use your imagination and creativity to personalize a Vessel piece for your loved ones.

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