Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vessel’s Compensation Plan’s Unique Points

by Dioni Marie Morales, National Sales Manager

At Vessel we have made a big investment in the design and creation of our very complete and comprehensive Compensation Plan. We have made it a priority that our Stylists are rewarded for their hard and smart work building a successful downline. We want to make sure that the “top” is not only achievable, but worth getting to. There are other companies with compensation plans that make it very easy to get to the top, but when you get there, you are not making a significant income. With Vessel when you get to the “top” you will be earning an income that will be enough for you to live the lifestyle that you have only dreamed of.  Getting to the top doesn’t always have the same meaning and/or result.  You can get to the top of a small hill, or you can get to the top of a big mountain. At Vessel we offer you the “Everest” of plans, with a great route map and support to help you climb it. 
We recognize that many compensation plans have one or more wonderful aspects, but we can assure you that we have more unique points than any plan we’ve come across so far.  Our plan was carefully structured to motivate and reward ALL the behaviors that will help you build a successful business. 
Below please find some of what we call Vessel’s “Unique Points”:

1.     You will earn a 30% Retail Commission from Day One.  You do not have to become an Active Stylist ($300 Retails sales in one month) to earn this Retail Commission. If you only sell $100 your first month, you will get that $30 check, even if you didn’t make it to Active Stylist.

2.     Power Seller’s Bonus: If you want to take the seller’s approach with your Vessel business, then we will reward you for that.   You can earn up to a total of 40% Retail Commission.

3.     Your PSV (Personal Sales Volume) requirements include your clients, and you personally do not have to buy anything (although, of course, it counts toward your PSV if you do).  Your clients’ purchases can be enough to cover your requirement. In many companies you always have to make monthly personal purchases.

4.     Matching Advancement Bonus: You get $150 when you become a Silver Stylist, and $500 when you become a Sapphire Director.  You also receive another $500 every single time someone in your downline becomes a Sapphire Director (as long as you are paid as a Sapphire Director and there’s not another Sapphire or above, between you and that person). Other companies give one time advancement bonuses as well, but what’s unique about us is that as long as you are helping your Stylists become Sapphire Directors you will get $500 every time, NO limit.

5.     Team Volume Bonus: From Sapphire Director and above you get paid 2% on your TSV (Team Sales Volume: yourself and your entire downline, down to, but not including, the next Sapphire Director).  How many levels are included on this bonus might very well be different in every leg.

6.     Fast Start Bonus: We understand that you will be working very closely and dedicating more time to the new Stylists during the first 90 days of their business, so we will reward you for it, with an extra 5% on their sales during that period.  As early as an Executive Stylist you also get paid 3% on your Level 2 recruits.

7.     Career Title Retention: With Vessel you never lose the title you have achieved prior to becoming a Director.  From Sapphire Director and above, you will keep your title (although not be paid as that title unless you qualified that month) for 12 months. You will only be demoted if, in a 12 month period, you have not qualified even one month as that title.  As soon as you qualify again at that title, then the 12 month clock starts again (i.e., it’s a rolling 12 month period).

8.     Founder’s Club: We are offering the opportunity to be part of an exclusive group of motivated Stylists, who will be part of a special bonus pool.  You need to become a Ruby Director within the first 18 months after signing up as a Stylist. We are giving the opportunity of becoming part of this elite group to any Stylist that signs up on or before June 30th, 2014.

9.     Generation Bonuses: A Generation is the relationship between one Sapphire Director or higher and another Sapphire Director or higher. From Opal Director and above you start getting paid on Generations as well as on your Levels.  By the time you become a Diamond you are getting paid 4 Generations. By definition, a Generation can have different number of levels in every leg. This means that by the time you are getting paid 4 Generations, you might be getting paid maybe 15 levels in one leg, but 40 levels in another.  In other compensation plans that don’t pay Generations like Vessel does, you are limited to sometimes only 5 levels down.  This feature is what’s going to make a big difference in your monthly income.

10. No penalty if someone in your downline out-ranks you:   In many companies, when someone from your downline achieves a rank above the one you are holding at the moment, you do not get any benefits from that person. With Vessel, we want you to keep progressing in your career.  Not only you are not penalized, but you are still paid the Level Bonuses on these downline people, and they are included on your DSV (Downline Sales Volume) requirements.

We believe that Vessel offers one of the best compensation plans in the market.  Pair that with a new and totally unique product and a ground-floor opportunity, and you have a combo that can’t be beat!

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