Wednesday, April 17, 2013


by Dioni Morales, National Sales Manager

According to the University of Calgary, one out of every four people is a chronic procrastinator. Whether you are a student waiting until the last minute to study for a test, an employee waiting until the last minute to turn in a project, or a mom who doesn't do the laundry until she's surrounded by mounds of dirty clothes, it can be too easy to make excuses and create distractions rather than just doing what we have to do. The fact is that procrastination causes stress, anxiety, fear and pressure. Procrastination is not conducive to success, and is actually more work than simply completing the task. 

When we procrastinate it's usually because we are undecided, we lack vision and/or we lose concentration.  Many people say that they procrastinate because they work better under pressure. However, a study published in the International Journal of Innovation and Learning states that working under pressure causes mental fatigue and negatively affects quality, productivity, commitment, and innovation.

Now is definitely not the time to procrastinate when it comes to your Vessel business.  As you know, we have already announced our launch date, June 22nd.  People are out there waiting to hear about Vessel, so let's go out and share this great opportunity!   If you haven't made your list of possible contacts, work on it today.  If you’ve made your list, but haven’t contacted all of the people on the list, then work on that today.  Let’s take advantage of the fact that the Pre-Launch Stylist Kit is available at an incredible value for a limited time, as is the opportunity of becoming a Founding Stylist.  We already have Stylists successfully sharing this opportunity with others.  My invitation to you today is act NOW to do the same.  Tomorrow might not bring you the same opportunities of success!

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