Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Making the First Circle Work: YOU

by: Dioni Morales, Director of Stylist Services

Randy Gage is the author of "How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine" and has trained numerous Network Marketing millionaires.  Today I want to share part of his recent work: "Making the First Circle Work: The Foundation for Duplication in Network Marketing".

Most people look for success in all the wrong places. They believe that their sponsor or their team or their company is responsible for creating the results they want. In this book, Mr. Gage teaches how to make your own business work by modeling behaviors that should be duplicated throughout your organization.

Here are some critical points from the chapter The Power of the Mind: How Attitude Affects Your Results.

  • If you believe people are skeptical, you'll approach them with that doubt in the back of your mind, and will likely manifest skepticism that may not otherwise be there. If you expect to be rejected, you probably will be. If you expect team members to be negative and drop out, they probably won't disappoint you.


  • If you believe your opportunity is amazing and someone would be crazy not to join it, you'll manifest more enrollments. If you expect your people to develop and build, they probably will. Expectations are a very powerful tool in your leadership development arsenal. Letting people know that you expect great things of them inspires them and helps them develop the confidence they will need to do so.

  • When you have a negative mindset, every minor challenge will turn into a distraction, and distractions kill growth. Every backorder, price increase, or comp plan change will turn into a chance for a complaint session. And no one participating in complaint sessions is ever building a business.


  • When you have a positive mindset, distractions don't affect you. You accept them as part of the process and stay focused on your goal.

To get and keep the right attitude, he suggests that we should create a structured self-development program. The only way to keep our mindset right is through daily self-development time devoted to positive programming.  This programming comes through the audios we listen to, videos we watch, books we read, events we attend and those people we associate with.

This personal growth, combined with the tools that Vessel offers you (weekly training calls, personal coaching and training, Convention, etc.), will surely help you take care of the most important part of your business: YOU!! And trust me, people will want to copy your success; in other words, YOU!!!

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