Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Power of the Party

At Vessel, we talk often about the Power of the Party.  We have commented many times that, while Facebook and online parties have their place, Stylists really should concentrate on booking live parties as much as possible.  We offer incentives that are designed to reward parties.  We are, in fact, a home party business model.

Why are we so hung up about parties?

First of all, due to the very nature of our product, Vessel is an experience that is best portrayed face-to-face.  Of course fragrance is pretty hard to convey to a customer unless the customer can actually smell it.  The actual feel, weight, size and quality of our jewelry is best experienced in person.  And finally, the fun of putting together various looks with friends is a direct sales made-in-heaven activity for any group.   These are the reasons that we chose this business model for Vessel.  It truly is a product that is best highlighted through live interaction with customers. 
But, for our Stylists, there is an even more compelling reason to focus on live parties.
Has the following scenario happened to any of you?  You found Vessel, and boy does this unique product -  as well as the opportunity to be in on the ground floor - excite you!  You are ready to GO FOR IT!  You made your list of contacts and you lined up parties.  The parties were successful and fun.  You didn't even have to talk all that much, the products just seemed to sell themselves. But ... as you gradually worked your way through your contacts (many of whom know each other and know the same groups of people) ... you notice that you are running out of people to host Vessel parties.  Short of finding people on the street (which does happen, so we're not knocking it!) - now what do you do? 
If this describes you in any way, your problem is that you didn't take full advantage of your current parties to generate future parties and future Stylists to your downline.  It won't necessarily just happen on its own.  You need to have a PLAN.
Fortunately, Vessel offers a very precise plan of action designed to help you optimize every Vessel party you do.  We call this plan of action the Power of the Party.  It's basically a script on "what to say when" in order to obtain future bookings and attract new people to your team.  If you follow this basic approach, you will keep replenishing your business and build a successful downline. 
We are happy to announce that a video of an example of a Vessel Home Party is now available on the Vessel website, as are the accompanying scripts. 
Some people are more comfortable actually following a script verbatim.  Some are not.  What is important is not that you do it exactly like Tracy does it, but that you make sure you hit all the important points and opportunities to convert customers into hosts, and into team members.  You can and should insert your own personality into the party presentation ... just be sure to cover all the points in as natural a way as possible. 
It may not feel natural at first.  You may be like Tracy was when she first started down this road many years ago.  She has shared many times that when she first started to really use the Power of the Party scripts, she was sometimes so nervous she threw up beforehand.  But, like almost anything in life, the more you do it the easier and more natural it becomes. 
The Stylists who attended last year's First Anniversary event will confirm that the party presentation was fun - even mesmerizing.  I think the common remark was that they kind of forgot that they were at a Stylist training session.  When we video-taped the Vessel Home Party that is now on the website, the "party guests" were basically friends who agreed to be taped to help us out.  By the end of the evening, they all purchased product (even though we had assured them that we didn't expect that of them) and wanted to book a party with Tracy. 
Done right, the home party is POWERFUL. 
Please take a look at the Vessel Home Party on the website, which is on the Stylist tab, along with the Hostess Coaching video.  It really all goes together, we just taped them separately.  See if you don't feel drawn in by the way Tracy does the party.  Do you see how this could help you generate an on-going business?
But the Power does not stop with you!  Every time you sign up a new team member and help them to learn, understand and correctly use the home party system, you are building your legacy Vessel business.  Do you want to be a member of the Founders Club?  Do you want to drive a new car on Vessel's dime?  Do you want to travel the world with Vessel? 
It all starts with the Power of the Party.  Use that power to exponentially grow your business!

To Your Success!


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