Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Easier Ways to Manage Your Vessel Sales

by Dioni Morales, National Sales Manager

This week I will begin a series of posts to share tips and suggestions from some of our Stylists.  These are ideas that have brought great results in their business. Today I will talk about two specific ideas that are helping Stylists handle their sales in an easier and faster way.

1. Using Credit Card Swipe Readers. There are numerous companies that offer this service, but one that has given great results is called "Square."  It works with i-Phones, iOS and Android devices, and accepts VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover. They charge 2.75% per swipe with no additional fees, and you get your money the next day. You can pick one up at retail stores such as Best Buy, which sells it for $9.95.  You also get a $10 rebate, making it free to you.  Or you can order it at squareup.com for FREE. The Stylists who have been using Square have been incredibly happy with it and highly recommend it. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you then place the orders on your Stylist’s account and have it shipped directly to the customers, please put a note on the Comments Section, clarifying that an invoice should not be included with the order, to avoid the customer seeing your discounted Stylist price.

2. Setting up laptop computers and/or tablets at Home Parties/Open Houses. Vessel Stylists Carmen Rodriguez and Ethel Rolon from Tampa, FL had a big joint Open House with lots of guests. They decided to set up a couple of computers.  Once their guests had viewed the jewelry and were ready to purchase, they were able to sit in front of a computer, set up a customer account and place their own orders. They say it worked very well because the new customers not only learned how to place Vessel orders, but in addition, the Stylists did not have to handle any cash, checks or credit card numbers, and had the time to help to the other guests. In addition, at another table they also had a computer that was running the Launch Video in a loop, and had information about the Vessel business.  They had a few people sign up as new Stylists that same night.
We look forward to sharing other great tips from our Stylists.  If you have some ideas you would like to share, please send me an email to dioni@vesselscentsofstyle.com.

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