Monday, November 5, 2012

Vessel Story

Our Vessel story began when two women, an inventive new product concept and a compelling business idea all converged to create a unique social-selling company. In 2011 Karen Carter and Susan Harward began a journey to establish a company that would provide beautiful scented jewelry and accessories, and exciting business opportunities for women. The exhilarating journey continues as Vessel and each woman who joins us thrives and flourishes.

The meaning of our name Vessel directly relates to our people – exceptional women infused with impressive attributes; to our company – an opportunity infused with personally and financially rewarding potential; and our product – stylish jewelry infused with fine fragrance.

From the beginning, we sensed that a collective group of women working together could accomplish great things for themselves, for their friends and families, and for their communities. Our five Vessel “scents” convey our guiding principles and a sense of place and purpose to the women who are our Vessel customers, hostesses, stylists and employees.

Scents of Style
Vessel is a place where we each possess an individually unique and beautiful style. Whether we are bold or subtle, sassy or shy, assertive or easy-going, we each express ourselves and our personality through our choice of fragrance and jewelry. We accent our beauty as we design and live our lives with a style all our own.

Scents of Self
Vessel is a place where both our inner and outer beauty are accentuated. Each of us is valued and cherished. We build relationships with other women in our lives: mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and family. We experience growth in our own lives as we enhance our talents, abilities and skills, and help others do the same.

Scents of Space
Vessel is a place where we each strive to improve the space around us. We create a beautiful, pleasing aura with the fragrances and jewelry we choose to wear. We open our homes to others for fun, social events where we share our exceptional products and expand our circle of influence. Our corporate and consultant work environment is friendly and welcoming to all who wish to join us.

Scents of Service
Vessel is a place where we contribute in meaningful ways to our society and those around us. We serve each other and support women-related causes and charities. We provide exceptional service to each other and to our customers as we treat each other with genuine care and consideration.

Scents of Success
Vessel is a place where we each experience the accomplishment of success. We set and reach goals and promote individual and group achievement. Our hard work and effort is recognized and rewarded. Leadership opportunities help each individual to realize success, both personally and financially.

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